Alpacas & Swiffer

Did you read about Mercy Project last week? Go read it, if you haven’t. Important stuff, y’all. 


Have you ever seen someone and thought, “You’re the kind of person who would kidnap me and wear my skin?”

Our shuttle driver yesterday was that man and I was 99.9% sure he was going to kill me and dump Beckett.

[Related: I may watch too many crime shows.]

We met some friends at a big festival here and got to meet an alpaca named Benny. All in a Thursday’s work, y’all.

(The festival is huge so parking is 1 mile away, hence the shuttle driver who makes and wears skin suits. Stay with me, people.)

If we’re being honest, Benny the alpaca was like the kid in school who couldn’t take a hint – a close talker (who obviously struggles with halitosis) following you around everywhere with his buggy eyes and terrible haircut dying for some attention. And, I hate to speak ill of the awkward, but he did get a little handsy with me.

Enough about Benny. I’m sure he has a great personality, bless his heart.

Check out the pictures of baby goats (and Benny’s afro) swarming Beckett:

An up close shot of Benny. I told you he was needy.


A couple months ago I talked about being the white trash mom. I’m proud to hold that position among my peers. (Most of the time, anyway.)

You may or may not already know about my child’s obsession with our Swiffer. It’s his favorite toy. Like, literally, his favorite. He is often on the verge of hyperventilation when he sees one.

He carries it around, knocking it into every door frame, swiping picture frames off tables, getting it stuck between chair legs…he loves it.

He loves it so much that I thought it was going to bed with him the other night. You win some, you lose some, and I’m ok losing the Swiffer battle…

…which is why it went to Target with us the other day.

The only thing that made me feel cooler than finagling a 6 foot Swiffer into the back seat of my car is at the last two play dates we’ve had where Beckett has spotted someone else’s Swiffer and I had to ask if he could play with it instead of the toys they had so kindly laid out.

He loves a good cleaning product. Taylor and I like to dream his future as the happiest Molly Maid you’ve ever seen.


An assortment of thoughts from this week:

1. Beckett is a foot toucher. Just typing those words breaks my heart into 10,000 pieces. (See this post if you don’t know about my slight condition.)

2. The 13 seconds of lip quiver where Beckett tries to hold himself together instead of bursting into tears is the sweetest face of all time.

3. See above. Is my brother not the cutest singlest uncle ever?

4. This:

Taylor and I pass this guy a lot and we’re never quite sure what to do.

5. Welcome back, my love. 

6. Have you read Not a Fan? Me either. But I’m watching the series. And, let me tell you, Jesus is currently wrecking my life with a holy discontent. More to come on that.

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