Noteworthies & Cat Fights

We’ve had some excitement this week. 

Stay a while and read about it. I dare you.
  • Hank and Beckett’s forced friendship and accompanying photo shoot with matching outfits. I’m already an embarrassing parent but luckily Beckett can’t tell yet.
(Hank is 3 1/2 months older than Beckett. Apparently our “nugget” is more like a tender. )
  • First church service with Baby. Much more emotional than expected. Post to follow. Maybe. Don’t hold me to it.
  • News of Beckett’s first cousin. Our favorite Chilean missionaries/Taylor’s sister and brother-in-law, Wes and Ellen, are expecting their own nugget to be debuted May 2012. SO excited!
  • JoJo’s visit (coming soon. Tomorrow to be exact.) 
  • Cute Target dish for $2.50. Irrelevant.
We’ve been using this for the peanut/candy corn combo. We’ve also been arguing about the appropriate ratio. I say 2:1 peanut to candy corn. Taylor says the opposite. He’s obviously wrong.
  • Arrested Development is coming back on.  Also irrelevant, but fantastic.

    Cat Fights…in the name of the Lord

    A few days ago I posted about my traumatic venture to a Bible study with Beckett. I went again last Wednesday and it was just as traumatic for a few reasons that don’t really matter.

    What is comical about the situation is my trying to get out of my new commitment to this group.

    It felt a lot like a bad breakup.

    The children’s program lady called me on Thursday to check in on us and to ask where Beckett was the past week. I told her he wasn’t old enough to go to the nursery, so he stayed with me.

    I then ventured into my well-rehearsed goodbye speech. It was full of several different ways of saying, “I met someone else.” and “It’s not you, it’s me.” I told her I was going to try a different study at my own church and I thought it might be a better match.

    She didn’t let me get away that easy. After listening for a while, she busts in with, “Well…. {awkward pause} …I hate to hear that. I think if you just give it a try you might feel differently.” She also listed all the reasons I should stay there and attempted to convince me of how much Beckett’s spiritual life would benefit from the program.

    We went back and forth for a while and I tried to reassure her that I knew they did a great job, I wasn’t concerned about whether the nursery ladies were up-to-date on the 5 S’s of calming babies, and I had no doubt in my mind the children’s program would have my son reciting the books of the Bible by 4 months. Still, I stood my ground and insisted on us “taking a break” (that phrase is easier to swallow than an official breakup).

    Our final few words to each other? Glad you asked.

    She told me (with great disappointment in her voice) that she would “be praying for wisdom” for me in my decision, as if my decision to try another Bible study lies outside of God’s will for my life.

    “Praying for wisdom” was her last-ditch attempt to salvage her dignity as she watched me walk away. Metaphorically, of course. This conversation happened over the phone, which is pretty lucky so I could avoid the shame of her witnessing me shake in my boots (also metaphorical…it’s still way too hot to wear boots in Texas).

    I love spiritual cat fights. Bring it, lady.

    I kid. Sort of. I’m sure she’s a fabulous lady at a fabulous study.

    Either way, I think I made a good decision, even if it isn’t wise…

    Bonus Picture!

    It’s not really bonus when I do it every post. I just can’t have you going on with your day without seeing this guy:


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