Hutt the Gentle Giant

I made Taylor come home from work early the other day because I couldn’t deal.

My eyes were being crazy and bloodshotty again, Hutton was extra screamy for some reason (possibly because I tried to sneak dairy into my diet – as if his digestive system wouldn’t notice – in the form of not 1, not 2, but 3…fine 4…break-n-bake cookie dough squares), Beckett wanted to play “where’d the (pretend) fire go NOW?” 837 times, and I literally could NOT keep my eyes open. I fell asleep on the couch, at the table during breakfast, putting out fake fires…I had sudden onset narcolepsy.

Honestly, I thought I had sudden onset postpartum depression because WebMD symptom checker told me so.

About 30 minutes before Taylor got home, it occurred to me that I should check the label on the eye drops I’d been raining into my broken eyeballs.

Oh, antihistamine. Sweet.

Turns out I didn’t need to call the postpartum hotline, I needed to stop overdosing on drowsy meds.

The moral of the story is this: if you ever feel lonely in your mom fails, remember that in the spring of 2014 I both lost my child and parented while asleep for an entire day. It happens.

But for real, the second moral of the story is that it’s ok if you can’t handle it sometimes. It’s ok if you have to call your husband home from work or drop your kids off on a friend’s front porch. That’s why God made other people and community and all. And grace.

Gentle Giant

I was walking down the hall at church the other day holding Hutton and overheard some ladies saying, “whisper whisper Nexium whisper same prescription as my mom whisper projectile vomiting whisper whisper“.

Like, yes, he threw up in my mouth while laying flat on his back the other day, but I’m failing him if that’s all he’s known for.

He simply cannot be that kid…the kid whose main talking points are spit up and cape bibs.

So allow me to break the internet with his other, much more prevalent and delightful attributes.

He is our gentle, fluffy giant and we are completely obsessed with his yummy goodness.

(Am I describing the donuts we ate for breakfast or my infant son? Hard to tell, really.)

(I really hope that slideshow above works for email subscribers. If it doesn’t, it is well worth a clicksie to a browser.)

I think my favorite feature on the Hutt man, aside from the rolls and cheeks and blue eyes and stork bite on his eyelid (just to name a few…), is the random indentation dimple hole thing in the middle of his chest.


“Yea, I have no idea what that is.” – our pediatrician

It’s the perfect bonus feature for our Hutt Man.

He loves his Sophie the Giraffe (unfortunately), thinks the reindeer song from Frozen is hilarious, wears 12 month clothes at the ripe ole age of 3 1/2 months, grumps when he’s tired and wants to be put in bed (!!!), watches his brother’s every move, rolls over like a boss, and likes any and all humans equipped with warm, loving arms.

He is the squishiest, cuddliest, most lovable bundle of chill you’ll ever meet.

There you have it, everyone. I presume everyone is now completely in love with Mr. Hutton Smith.

Thank you, and goodnight.

*drops mic, walks off stage*

4 thoughts on “Hutt the Gentle Giant

  1. Beth

    Oh & he already has the one eyebrow lift mastered too! This baby is delish (not relish as my spellcheck tried to say). Here’s to not many more days of tummy trouble!

  2. Lucy wells

    Did you ever find out what the dimple was my daughter has exactly the same in the same spot too!? Still trying to work out what it is xxx

    1. Lisa Otero

      My daughter was born with the same thing on 3/15/15. She’s 14 months old now and had an ultrasound on it Friday. her doctor seems concerned.


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