Superhero 5k

Guys. Any minute now I could have a nephew. How fun is that?!

Also, I might change pediatricians because ours is very scantily clad. I have seen her bra literally every time we’ve gone. She’s a great doctor, but I don’t want my 7 year old son to get “sick” every week so he can get a view of her lady parts. I mean, really. It’s quite unprofessional.

Superhero 5k

I got invited (or maybe I invited myself…the details are fuzzy now) to run in a 5k in Dallas last weekend. I agreed as soon as I heard that a) the cause was for CASA, an organization that helps abused and neglected children and b) it was superhero themed and capes were encouraged.

Heck to the yes. Sign me up.

It was a blast. We made costumes for ourselves and for the wee ones.

one of my favorite pictures ever.
Beckett and Hank.
the 5k participants: Leslie, Lizeth, Me, Nani

Did I mention we won first place in group costume? 50% awesome, 50% embarrassing.

Quailman from Doug

The only person with a better costume was QuailMan, and he won for individual get-up.  Rightly so, sir.

The tagline for the race was “Every kid needs a hero, but abused kids need superheroes!”

{cue tear}

It was awesome. Great cause, great fun, great foo – nope. They ran out of burritos right as I stuck my chubby little hand out to grab one.

The only downside to the race (besides the burrito disaster) was the sort of major injury to my calf/achilles. I’ve been on a training program for a half marathon for several weeks, so running only 3 miles was a nice break. Or would have been a nice break.

this kind of wizard

Instead, I got a little competitive during the race when I saw a man in a floor-length wizard costume (complete with a long white beard and a pointy hat) in front of me. There was no way in heck I was letting that bearded freak outrun me.

Once I passed him, I saw Superman up ahead. I couldn’t let him beat me either. So on and so forth…

It resulted in a better-than-average race time for me, but at some point I hurt my leg (probably from not stretching or something easily preventable) and have been hobbling on it every since. To recap: I injured myself while simultaneously wearing a cape and trying to outrun a sorcerer.

It was totally worth it to spend the day with good friends and mini superheroes.

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  1. Tara Branch

    Cutest outfits EVER!!! Please tell me you will frame one of these precious little superhero pictures to put somewhere in your house to make you smile every time you pass it!!


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