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Man…when I first got this blog I must not have had a life. I haven’t posted since Monday which is like a record for me.

So here’s a good one… our office bought gift cards for Sharky’s and Betty Rose’s to give to our visiting families. Someone decided we didn’t have enough money to pay for the gift cards, so we needed to return them to the restaurants. Who wants to volunteer to make an idiot out of themself? “Hey – thanks for hand-writing all of these gift cards, but can we return them and get our money back?” Not happening. So I suggested that we eat the cost and just send them to various restaurants when we run out of coupons. I know that if we advertise 3-4 restaurants, they’d offer us some sort of a deal for our families. On Thursday my mission was to get these restaurants to give us discounts. I went to Sharky’s, Betty Rose’s, Rick & Carolyn’s, and finally Rosa’s. I walk into Rosa’s Cafe and Tortilla Factory, ask for the manager, and introduce myself. I ask him if he has 3 seconds to talk. He steps back, looks me up and down, and says, “I have 5” with a sick smirk on his face. Wow. I’ll only take 3 but thanks for the offer, sir. Although your job is highly esteemed and coveted, I unfortunately do not want to date you.

I gave a tour today to a fairly important person. I thought the tour was for prospective students that this person wanted to see ACU. Unbeknown (?) to me, the tour was actually a ploy for this person to bring his in-laws and entire extended family to visit campus while in Abilene. They arrived 45 minutes late, we waited around for them, took our golf carts, and then this person gave most of the tour. Call it what it is – if you just wanted to use us for our carts, please don’t make me go. I actually took family portraits at Jacob’s Dream, too. I didn’t realize my job description included chauffeuring families around for a reunion. This person at one point also suggested that Houston and I leave and move the golf carts closer to the building we were in so that they could just walk out the doors and hop on. I don’t do well in situations like that. The family was really nice, I just don’t particularly enjoy abuses of power.

Taylor and I are currently watching about 27 shows. Check out our list and if you currently aren’t subscribing to a particular show, you haven’t been living:
1. House
2. Lie to Me
3. 24
5. Hell’s Kitchen
6. Leverage
7. SouthLAnd
8. The Office

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