Smash and Crash, a Monster Truck Bash!

I live my life under the assumption that every stranger is one good joke away from being my best friend. I fancy myself a people collector of sorts.

I also collect children, as the past 4 years has proven.

When you collect both friends and children with the same fervency as you collect Beanie Babies, birthday parties can get out of control.

“Hey, bae, I made the invite list for the party. Do you think 825 is too many? How big of a nugget tray would we need?”

It’s oddly hard to transition from family-style, “come one come all” birthdays to “send your two year old only, please, because all of us have, like, 8 kids and I don’t want the birthday boy to get taken out in the bounce house” birthday parties.

We like to party hard at our house. (And by “we” I mean me. But my husband has the patience of Job and fully supports my themed obsessions.)

And a week ago Saturday, we partied hardy at Hutton’s Monster Truck Bash, a theme which ended up winning out once I saw the bounce house option pictured below. (The runner-up theme was “Very Hungry Hutterpillar: a party buffet”.)

Without further ado, the boyest of all boy birthdays:

monster truckMonster Truck PartyMonster Truck Party 2

Honestly that giganto bouncy monster truck was $100 well spent. The bounce house delivery man (there’s a sweet career choice for you, kids) dropped it off at 8AM and picked it up at 6PM. Worth. every. penny.

Probably my favorite part of this party, besides celebrating our current favorite 2 year old that you can fall in love with in this post, was the gift-opening.

I told my friends not to bring presents.

Every single one of them still did, most of which were food-related.

Care to guess which presents were Hutt’s favorite?

Pringles and Pirate’s Booty popcorn. Correct.

A smashin’ good birthday party for an incredibly loved little boy. And that’s a wrap.


We threw this party together the morning of after being out of town all week. Like, easy. So if you want to throw such a monster truck party, get these things:

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