Roses, Lancaster, & Africa

Our rose bush is dying. How can we plant something 1 month ago and it already keel over? Everything else seems to be ok but my goodness. It’s really quite embarrassing.

So these girls came today to visit from Lancaster, TX. I now remember why I love my job. First off, they were really funny. One girl brought her mom, 2 aunts, and a friend. They loved ACU so much that they cried, jumped up and down, and told me they fell in love with me. It’s times like today that I remember what a crazy incredible place this is, and why I love my job – all 60 hours a week of it. (slight exaggeration, but really..)

I had a dad about a month ago come up to me at the desk and say, “so I heard you talking about downtown Abilene. Where are some good 18 and up places for us to go tonight?” Oh…excuse me, sir? Is that a joke? Did you forget what university you were currently touring? So to answer his question (I was only talking about the thriving metropolis on the south side – like the mall) I was trying to say vague restaurants like Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. that had a bar but weren’t too awkward to say outloud. He of course proceeded to ask which bars were only in Abilene. He kept pressing me so my options either were to quietly talk to him or send him to the public computers where the rest of the guests were. Long story short, I end up on the Guitars website (classy) when over walks the Director of Admissions. That’s embarrassing. Did I mention, also, that this same dad took a smoke break during the Jacob’s Dream part of the tour with Dani? Hilarious.

I talked to a lady on the phone yesterday about jobs in Fort Worth and she had been to the Village of Hope. We talked for a while about what she was doing and about my internship and it made my heart hurt. I want so badly to go back and to take Taylor, mom, & Jared. It’s such an incredible place and I think I never fully brought my whole heart back to the U.S. when I left.

Speaking of, in Winegeart’s class the other day, we were talking about America like we normally do. It’s international business so of course we bring up the country we live in right along with the others. Basically what was said is that America was built on Christian principles and we have become so far removed from that. Everyone knows this, but we listened to a lecture by a guy who used to be a laywer in the Bush Senior administration. He presented quote after quote after quote from the founding fathers and other old-timers about the original intentions for our country. Interestingly enough, in 1859 Darwin introduced his book about evolution. In 1869, a new president took over Harvard and brought evolution theory into law. Harvard originally had a mission that said something like “we will educate and teach the truth and bring all students to know Jesus Christ”. Sometime over the past 150 years, their motto has been shortened to “truth”. So in 1902-ish, a supreme court dude brought evolution to the government and the idea that law is an ever-evolving concept, separate from religion. In 1906, ACU was founded. The point? Before 1906, there was no need for Christian colleges because every university was a Christian one. We then started talking about Christianity and how we’re all compromising our values and becoming unsure of the definition of “absolute truth”. Basically, it was very thought provoking and I came home and asked Taylor what we were going to do with our lives to bring heaven to earth. Any ideas? How can a country come so far…and how can a people come so far….and how do we get back?

I don’t know, but I’m eating some delicious sandwiches with Belinda and Taylor tonight so I invite you to come discuss it over dinner.

Sims, Ideas, & COBA

Oops. We bought the Sims and I can’t stop playing. It’s the dumbest game and I think “oh I’ll just play until they reach gold aspiration” (don’t know what I’m talking about? Good.) but I end up playing forever. Taylor has his baseball game so we make the lamest couple just playing our stupid games. I think I just love the fact that I am not having to think and I get to decorate virtual houses. And shop. It’s kind of a racy game though that should never be promoted for children. I’ll keep that in mind when the little blueberries (anyone??) come along.

Do you ever have a really good idea and someone else just takes it and runs with it all the while pretending it was theirs? Man that makes me frustrated. I think God constantly surrounds me with testing people to change my attitude. I think he puts people in my life that push all of my buttons just so I will learn to love even when it is hard. Of my top ten list of most obnoxious traits (whistling, singing American-Idol-style out loud, constant tapping, making mouth smacking noises, and saying “aaaaaawwwwkwaaarrrddd” when things really aren’t, just to name a few…) God puts people in my life that hit up all 10 at the same time. Quite the humbling experience when you finally realize you were being a turd all along. I just wish sometimes God would write me a nice note to teach me a lesson or maybe just let me think I’m right for once. Just kidding but really…maybe the more obnoxious I act towards others, the more obnoxious of a situation or a lesson I will be taught.

I’m T – 2 weeks away from graduation and I hope I can make it. I know that I’m so close to ending this madhouse we call school. This is my second semester in a row to take 18 hours and I am about to croak. What’s the worst about taking that many hours is the classes that are so pointelss you want to scream. It’s my senior year…how do I still have joke classes? What I’ve been so impressed with is the fact that even though I’ve had boring professors in COBA, I’ve never taken one class in which I didn’t learn a thing. I sure did take several in other buildings that were you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me types. I’m about to the limit of absences before I get dropped in almost all of my classes. The worst part is that I don’t care at all. Yikes.

In my Intro to Business class first semester Junior year, I knew I was really going to like this thing we call the College of Business Administration. At the same time, I also started learning about how to make a profit. Shortly thereafter I realized that I just don’t care about making a lot of money. Maybe I’m in the wrong field…sorry parents! Either way, I’ve absolutely loved my time there and I’m sad I’ve only had 2 years there instead of a normal 4. I get nervous that I should have been paying closer attention in various classes and that once someone hires me as a marketer I’ll realize I don’t really know what I’m doing. Will someone find me a job where I can just consult on what I know, work when I want, and travel the world…all while taking my husband? Great. Thanks.

Taylor made

Anyone hear the song “Tailor Made”? I like to think she meant Taylor….like my Taylor. This post is dedicated to why I love my husband and why everyone should appreciate him like I do. Let’s start by saying he doesn’t have a mohawk anymore…

I always wondered why God put us together on the VERY first day at ACU. Really? Is that a joke? I had a super-great plan about finding the man of my dreams somewhere along the way but not dating seriously until my senior year at the earliest. Lo-and-behold I met him through his ex-girlfriend through our parents through Harding University’s social clubs. (It’s a long story) When I met him I thought he surely had to be a jerk because he was too good-looking to be a nice guy. Even on our first hang-out I thought “well he sure is dreamy so I’ll go out with him because he’s attractive but that will be it”. As it turned out…I was wrong. Thank goodness.

Approximately 3 years, 8 months, and 4 days later…I’m married to the most wonderful man. He treats me unbelievably well and he will forever be loyal and faithful. One of his main priorities is being the best provider he can. Not many people can say that their spouse puts others’ needs before theirs, but I can. Although on occasion I just want to splurge and buy a shirt…he works so hard to provide the best for us. His job is making memory foam pillows. Why? Because it’s an income and he’s not too cool or above certain positions. When he heard that ACU needed a “transportation specialist” and he knew it would be extra money, he jumped at the chance. He’s now a pillow-making golf cart boy and I love him for that. Not many people can say either that their spouse is humble or not above certain titles or positions.

These types of jobs are typically reserved for high school dropouts, addicts and the like. At least that’s what we imagine. Taylor will graduate college in 4 years with a bachelor’s and master’s of accounting. He has rougly a 3.8 GPA, got offers to intern with 3 of the big 4 accounting firms, and is working for E&Y in Ft. Worth in October. He’s good at just about anything he does – which, if I weren’t so stinkin’ proud of him, would make me want to barf. He is incredibly talented and yet he cares nothing about appearances or materialistic crap.

He loves our dog. May sound stupid, but if he cares that much about a mutt dog with a half-black tongue and scary hair, I know he’ll be an awesome father. Just like his dad, Taylor has strong convictions that are unwavering. He cares for people others don’t, he has patience to deal with extremely testing individuals, and he constantly looks for the good in others…even when I try my best to complain about situations or friends. He challenges me to be nonjudgmental, loving, and patient.

He eats ice cream like a little boy, plays MLB baseball video games for hours on end, puts cans and other trash in the sink instead of the trash can, leaves the toilet seat up, has a nerdy obsession with computers and how they work, is the most loyal and dedicated friend you could have, makes excel spreadsheets for any occasion, gets talkative at night when I’m trying to sleep, tickles me until I want to punch him, can’t go out to eat without ordering appetizers and enough food for the city of Abilene, talks relentlessly in his sleep, wears the same pair of jeans for weeks on end, loves to read and do crosswords, laughs so hard he almost cries, and I couldn’t be more in love with him.

Tears, Mohawks, & Sinners

Well, as it turns out, nothing funny happened at work. I actually just ended up crying a lot. Are you one of those people who waits forever, bottles everything, and ends up bawling for hours? Yea…me either… yikes. Life is frustrating to me. Why am I given certain qualities and standards when no one else is? I guess sometimes it turns out good but right now I’m frustrated. For some reason I wasn’t athletically-inclined. I’m not talented in an arena where I can participate with other people. One of my talents instead is efficiency. Are you kidding me? “I can’t go play volleyball with you, but I can enter data into the computer 5x faster than anyone else.” Awesome. I think I hit the wall yesterday. I love my job and I love interacting with people but I’m tired of wanting more and striving for more when others are content being less than mediocre. I’m a “doer” as Jennifer pointed out…it just makes me annoyed that no one else is. Or so I feel currently. Rar. If I’m already frustrated and I haven’t even gotten a real job, how is life going to work out for me? It’s like I’m staring the most daunting task in the face and I just can’t find motivation to keep working hard and to keep pushing for excellence. I know there’s a purpose for me to be wired this way but man is it hard to live with.

So Taylor has a mohawk. I don’t really want to talk about it because I don’t want to state publicly that we are “those kind” of people. Really though, his friends convinced him last night that he needed one for Riatta Fest 2009. Sound cool? That’s because it is. Tonight, ladies and gents, is the final Riatta Fest for all of our friends. Most of the people driving to Abilene are our dear friends that started strong at ACU and somewhere along the way ended up elsewhere. Almost all (Steve Chan can’t come because he is in the Korean army. They don’t allow off for Riatta Fest) of our core group of friends from the past 4 years will be here tonight for our final hoo-rah. 3 boys live in Riatta Ranch, hence the name, so it’ll be a tight squeeze but I’m pretty excited. Cajun cones, hamburgers, friends..that’s good stuff.

In International Business the other day, Winegeart was talking about how he thinks the end of the world is coming in our lifetime. He talked about how our generation does not know the Bible and believes that truth is relative. Touche, salesman. However…one thing our generation does right compared to others is realized that slamming Bibles over people’s heads maybe isn’t the best way to reach them. Yes, I concur, we can’t name all of Nebuchadnezzer’s brothers, sister-in-laws, friends, and cows, but we do have a better grasp of what showing Christ to others is about and what it means to “take care of widows and orphans” as we were called to do. Social service has been a huge movement we’ve been involved in. True we need the backing of the Word but false our generation is not completely going to the pooper.

I was reading Exodus the other week and things were going well with Moses. Then all of the sudden it says something about how God was about to kill him. Wait, what? Back up…read again….yep sure enough he came millimeters away from losing his life. Thanks to his wife for saving him. It made me wonder if God still does that. The moral is: don’t run red lights or do anything risky otherwise your spouse will have to save your back. Just kidding. But seriously what in the world. Look it up: Exodus 4:24-26. Kind of a gross ending but notice how random that is. If we are going to know the Word…why can’t it at least flow a little better?

I’m off to the Fest. Get excited.

Blogging, eh?

I have learned throughout the years that if I will actually write my thoughts out, mom (or now Taylor) won’t have to say “Mommy’s ears are tired” but I still process information. So here we go – we’re giving this a try.

So I am now 103 days, 2472 hours, or 148320 minutes into married life. There are so many things that no one tells you before you get married. I don’t know if it is a conspiracy, a big “April Fool’s” or what. Everyone decides to keep details to themselves and let you be surprised on your own. Marriage, really though, is incredible. One thing no one tells you is that it is awesome to just sit around with your best friend. You get tons of advice but I can boil it all down: if you aren’t marrying your best friend…think again. Taylor and I are having a blast just being. We even planted a garden…but that’s a blog for another time.

It’s 3 weeks out from graduation and I still don’t know what I’m going to do. The sad part is that I don’t really care. I still firmly believe that if I trust in God, he’ll lead the way. I’m trying not to let that be my excuse for not looking, but I am standing by it if I just don’t feel right about an offer or an opportunity. I think if I wouldn’t have gotten married in January I would be caught up in a mix of emotions about leaving ACU. I love it dearly and I just don’t know if I’m confident yet in my knowledge to go out into the big, bad world. One good thing is that I have a broader prospective than most since I have spent the semester with just my husband and me. I know life will go on…so really I am in a good transitional period.

I just remembered the problem with blogging: rambling. I feel sure that I will have plenty to blog about that is funny, simply from stupid things people do in Campus Visits. I also want to use this as a venting station for marketing and how I just don’t know if I get it. That’s for later. I’m hanging up for now. We’re hungry.