Meat, Sweaters, & Creatine

Even though I am a marketer and somewhat of a salesperson by nature, I fall for sales pitches quicker than anything. The “friendly salesman” is the one that gets me. He sells like a friend, and I always like a good friend. I thought I was bad, but I’d like to introduce everyone to my husband, Taylor.

Here is what Taylor was sold on yesterday:

Yep – a year’s supply of meat.

This used to be our freezer. Now it’s strictly a meat locker.

How did this happen?

I’ll tell you.

Some guy in our complex is a door-to-door meat salesman. He came to our door, asked if he could come in, and began unloading carton after carton of steaks, crab legs, chicken breasts, etc. I knew we were in trouble when Taylor saw the gigantic NY strips, but then the “friendly salesman” proceeds to tell us that he’s good friends with the Dallas Cowboy’s player who lives in our complex and how he frequently gets free tickets to the games. Taylor’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and it was over from there. We are now the proud owners of 60 steaks, 90 breasts (lucky guy), and more fish and shrimp than the Atlantic. Anyone want to come for dinner?

We’re having an ugly sweater Christmas party on Saturday and we found the best sweaters ever. I felt like a terrible person looking for “hilarious sweaters” right beside the lady already wearing an ugly sweater and shopping for more. If you are in a pinch and can’t find an ugly sweater for your upcoming party, feel like a jerk for asking the clerks where the “ugly section” is, or just don’t want to leave the house – there’s an entire website designed for finding such treasures: The Ugly Sweater Store.

Some of my friends are now having children (which makes me a little queasy) but I feel like it’s never too early to be logging away ideas, wisdom, information, etc. about being a parent. This is the first idea I will put into my Mommy Box: Speak in an obscure language to ensure your child’s awkwardness. That’s just my box though. Taylor has his own idea box filled with visions of the perfect dad: Creatine Dad.

We’re about to head to the high school Christmas play at RHCC. We started working with the 10 graders at church and we are mildly obsessed with it. It makes us feel way cooler than we are. We even get to go on mini service projects once a month to a low-income area of Fort Worth. I love it because it teaches them – and us – how many people need help right in our area. No need to travel far and wide looking. (Funny side note about that trip: all the kids we played with were fantastic, except for the minister’s kid. Dude was a steel-toed boot wearing punk who kicked Taylor in the shins…twice.)

Recommended book of the week: The Shack by William P. Young. Let’s discuss it over coffee.

Cuddlees, Web Design, & PW

I almost forgot my login. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve blogged..and for the record, this one will not be about trends. Maybe tomorrow. I used to like blogging (and probably blogged too much at one time) but it sure a slippery slope to laziness. If you aren’t intentional, it doesn’t happen. Twitter became my micro-blogging and most of what I have to say could be said in 160 characters or less anyway. My new goal for my blog is to become the next Pioneer Woman.

In order to be the next her, I’d have to:
-Go up about 10 degrees in funniness
-Learn to cook…well. Not just cook.
-Become miraculously brilliant at photography and photoshop
-Live on a ranch
-Turn Taylor from accountant to cowboy
-Have 4 kids and then refer to them as punks

….so I guess I can only dream. Ask Lindsay Hall about PW though…I think she got me hooked.

Fast forward about 5 months, Taylor and I live in fabEULESS, I am a marketer, and Taylor-Made (shout-out to Colbie Caillat for his nickname) is an accountant who works until 9 PM and comes home saying things like, “I didn’t use my mouse in excel all day…I only use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+WFOIEKC55894 which turns a cell blue with a hint of lime green.”

Marketing: that’s what I’m doing now. One thing I did not study in school was web design. Oddly enough, that is now a lot of what I’m doing at work. Let me clarify: I’m doing a lot more maintaining than creating, but I think I love it. It makes me want to make websites for any little venture, like my new book club. Speaking of, if you are interested…let me know. I’m very serious about this.

If you’ve never worked in an office before, you are shocked at how many weird/quirky/awkward things happen. I’ll try to keep you up to date, for your own good. That aside, I’ll tell you my favorite part of today.

Better yet, I’ll show you:

This was waiting for me at my desk today. Of all the account managers at my work, there is only one guy. He was nice enough to get all the account manager girls and the 2 marketing girls presents for Christmas. What’s even better than a Snuggie, you may ask?

A Cuddlee of course.

It’s a relatively new product, but they chose to display this “new phenomenon” by picturing a lady on the front talking on a phone from 1990.

It was a fantastic start to my Big Fun Friday.

While we’re sharing pictures, I don’t think this got as many accolades as I was hoping for on this next one. My family came for Thanksgiving – which was awesome – so my mom and I took this turkey to Taylor’s parents’ as an appetizer to our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Thus began a new tradition…

If you’re first reaction is jealousy that you did not get to see nor eat this treasure, I understand.

Maybe this turkey is the first step in becoming as cool as PW.

Speaking of PW, I’m going to attempt dinner now. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Last thing: do you read the Stuff Christians Like blog? You should.

Happiness & Trends

Trends are forever coming and going. As I get older it will get better and better to see things come back in style that I used to wear. If I could determine these trends however, I have a top 5 list set in place. These are just my initial reactions so this list could change. Some items have been rumored to actually be coming back, some I am just hopeful. It would make me forever happy to see these things worn and used again:

1. Stirrup Pants

They’re comfy cozy and you never have to worry about your pants being afraid of your shoes (you know what I’m talking about – old men or pubescent teenage boys with too short of pants). The sexiest ever was the giant sweater over them. We saw this trend recently with spandex but it just isn’t complete without the stirrup bottom.

2. Tamagotchis

I loved my Tamagotchi so much. I literally took care of it like it was my firstborn child. I don’t know why it started or why it ended, but I want Tamagotchi’s to come back. They may be a little caveman-ish in technology for kids these days but whatever. They need to learn responsibility some way or another and I don’t know why it can’t be by taking care of a virtual pet.

3. Skorts

The best skorts (a mix between skirts and shorts if you don’t know – which everyone should) are the kind pictured here that simply have a flap over the front with the shorts in the back. I would venture to say that skorts originated by a Christian family. Kind of like Lord shorts (long athletic shorts instead of the sinful cheer “Sofe” shorts), the skort is a way to be modest yet cool in the summer air. People think you are wearing a summer skirt but – thank heavens – you have shorts underneath to preserve your decency while sitting. FYI – I am not referring to sports skorts. I am strictly speaking of fashion skorts.

4. Bubble shirts (a.k.a. “Popcorn” shirts)
These never actually caught on which is good if you actually like them – you can pick them up at most flea markets for pretty cheap. I just don’t know what the appeal was, but I wish there was one. Think about how much space you would have in your closet if all of your clothes stretched that much. You pull out what appears to be a shirt for an infant but voila! put it on and it turns into an entire adult outfit. Ugly? Heavens yes. Practical? Absolutely. Too bad it never caught on….maybe one day.

5. Body Glitter

I must place a disclaimer that there is a girl that runs around the Lunsford trail who still holds this trend dearly. She uses ample amounts of body glitter before working out. This trend was fantastic because you could have either the roll-on glitter or the dry powder. You could have lotion glitter, body wash glitter, glitter with shapes in it, multicolored…any kind your heart desired you could find (Claire’s had the best selection typically). It was such a great trend because it was soooo sexy at the time. You could definitely go overboard but for the most part the more appendages covered in glitter, the more likely you were to have a hott date.

Next post will be trends I hope to never see again. I know I missed about a billion – these are just ones I remember fondly and hope to see again. What do you miss?

Cato’s, Shar-pei, & Occupations

It all started at Cato’s. Mom and I were doing some serious shopping (because we were in Pocahontas, Arkansas) and we really needed to go to the bathroom. We walked across the street to Walmart to wait for Taylor and my dad. We started wasting time and ended up in the electronic section. Mom’s been looking for a tv so we were browsing when the boys finally came. Somehow over the course of 30 minutes, mom and dad walked away without a thing and Taylor and I ended up with a Sony Bravia HDTV. So much for conversations about what to do with our money – I’m blowin it all on awesome stuff. Just kidding. But really it was a fabulous deal so we accidentally purchased it. Buy the display tvs…they’re cheap and awesome.

We went to a family reunion this weekend in Heber Springs and it was super fun. Mom got us reservations at Lindsey’s Rainbow Resort which was fun and just as hilarious as it sounds. Supposedly mom saw a couch and living area in the picture but our particular cabin was missing that section. It was truly a trailer home with wood siding to resemble a cabin. It luckily enough included an airplane-sized bathroom and shower where we literally did not have enough room to touch our knees or wash our feet. The bathroom sink was conveniently located in the kitchen area right inside the front door so brushing your teeth became a game of skill – you must be ready at all times to dodge the front door from slamming into your back. We knew it was going to be a good time when water started pouring into mom and dad’s room while Taylor showered. It was really fun and the perfect, dummest little cabin trailer for us.

We went on the lake Saturday and decided to take our part Shar-pei dog who is absolutely petrified of water…dude can hold going to the bathroom for days if it is raining outside. That being said, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to take Mack with us on the pontoon boat. He of course wouldn’t walk on himself, so Taylor and I had to pull him all the way down the 1/4 mile of docks to get to the boat. Stepping foot on the marina, Mack was already scared and spread his paws out as far as they would go to keep his body as low to the dock as possible. You can probably see scratch marks the whole way if you go back to look. We ended up lifting our 70 pound idiot onto the boat for the day. He did fine but he wouldnt go within 2 feet of the gates or doors leading to water. Taking him back off at the end of the day was just as tricky but Mack outsmarted us. As soon as his feet hit the marina again he spread his paws out for balance. This time on the way back he would cautiously crawl to the long strips of docks that connect to the main marina and look all the way down to the end. When he realized dry land wasn’t there, he clumsily went to the next long section and looked down. He did that at all 12 or so of the boat docks looking for dry land. He thought for sure we were making him get back on the water so he figured he’d find his own way back. Once he saw land in the distance of where we were headed he gave up looking and started trotting like normal. Smart boy.

Tubing might be my new favorite activity… that I hate with all of my heart when it’s over. My body hurts really intensely.

In other news I got a job offer doing half marketing and half account management for a company in Dallas. I’m really excited about the opportunity and the job was kind of custom made for me and my skills. I made a deal with God that if the job was offered I needed to see that as an open door and take it. Here we go moving in a week and a half and starting life as real adults. I am not ready for this but I am blessed to be the 20ish% of May ’09 graduates that have jobs. Responsibilities here we come!

My dad has a really funny story about something he did recently. Maybe I’ll store that story for a slow time. If he won’t blog about it himself I consider it my responsibility.

Peppercorns, Girlfriends, & Steve

Back to the strange things in life that happen to me. 2 extremely embarrassing stories and 1 heart-warming one:

I mentioned a few days ago that Taylor and I signed a lease for an apartment in Euless. What I didn’t mention was that we went to Wing Stop to eat lunch right before hand. That place is delicious and has the best fries…ever. We eat there and drive immediately to the apartments to meet with the manager so we can sign for our new home. This meeting is really scary for us, because we are legitimately afraid we will be denied. We have nothing to prove ourselves or the fact that we will pay rent every month and we have no idea what our credit looks like. I tried to overcompensate the we-just-graduated-and-aren’t-starting-jobs-but-I-promise-we-can-make-rent stigma we have by joking and smiling a lot with the staff. I figure even if our credit score sucks I will woo them with my personality. It takes a while for us to meet and sign all the papers – like 30-45 minutes but we finish and get back in the car. As soon as we leave after all this escapade, I smile at Taylor in a “yea – we did it” kind of way and he turns and says, “You have a little something in your teeth…like a piece of pepper or something”. Talk about the understatement of the century – I pull out my mirror and don’t find “a little something” but instead a whole stinkin peppercorn. No flakes were involved…just the whole shell and all. It was coal black and covered like 1/4 of my tooth. I sat across from those apartment people with a giant piece of food in my teeth. They are probably still talking about it. Taylor said, “Don’t worry, you can’t really see it unless you are smiling.”

Today at work the most awkward thing happened – of all time. I was sitting in this workroom where there are 4 computer stations. I was back there with a girl who started recently in the Welcome Center but has nothing to do with our office. I don’t really know why she was working back there so it was kind of awkward anyway and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I heard her sometime during the morning on the phone saying, “Oh, you’re going to come see me? Great…ok. Love you, babe”. It was obviously some boy and I was not looking forward to his visit. A good 30 minutes later, I was working on my own computer when I feel a gentle massage/rub on my shoulder. I turn around to come about 3 inches from a man’s face as he lovingly says, “Hey”. Realizing I am not the person he is wanting to whisper sweet nothings to, he turns towards the other girl in the room, walks over, and says “Hey babe”. He didn’t laugh or apologize or anything. He pretended like he greeted every stranger with a gentle touch and a sexy hello. Sir, you have the wrong person and let’s be really clear about this – if you can’t tell your girlfriend apart in a room of 2 girls, you are in big trouble. Not to mention she has very brunette hair and we look absolutely nothing alike. Needless to say, I bolted out of that office and did work in Touchette’s. It was one of those situations where it wasn’t even funny embarrassing, it was mortifying embarrassing. At least he didn’t greet me with a butt pinch or a kiss…that might have been the only thing to make the situation worse. How do these things happen to me? Hilarious.

We had a weird group come in today. We had a 75 year old white grandma and an 18 year old black boy come together for a campus visit. Everywhere they went the grandma would say, “This is Steve (slight name change…protecting identities here) and he is with me”. After a while of being with them, I pulled their admissions counselor aside and asked about it. An old white woman and a black young dude…doesn’t make sense. Shay then told me this story:

One day Steve came to grandma’s door and asked if he could mow her lawn. She said, “No, I already have someone to do that.” Steve came back a second time and grandma said, “No, I still have someone to mow for me.” Steve came back 4 times and finally grandma said, “Alright, I’ll let you do it but be here at 8 a.m.” Steve came the next morning at 6:30 – an hour and a half early. Grandma told Shay that Steve had never been late but had always been an hour early everywhere she asked him to be. He has been her ‘right hand man’ and will come over to watch tv, hang out, do work, etc. Grandma has her doctorate from a completely different school but wanted to show Steve ACU. When she was going to school, she wanted to come ACU but didn’t have the finances. She said, “I have always wanted to come here and have loved this school. Now I want Steve to see it so he may be able to come here.” This little old lady adopted him and gave him a chance – now he may come to ACU. Isn’t that the greatest story ever? It really is like Gran Torino in real life.

Time for bed. Freddy Crocker not only made dinner tonight but is now putting away our laundry. He’s a keeper but maybe one day Taylor will come back.

Benjamins & .5

Good comments…good thoughts. The age old question: what to do with our money.

I’ve talked with several people yesterday since my last post, and Taylor and I talked about it all the way from Fort Worth to Abilene. We debated everything from whether Bill Gates was being excessive with his heated sidewalks to whether or not living in a tent hunting for our own food was too drastic. Taylor and Jacquie both bring up a good point – no matter what, we can’t judge others based on material things. I did however debate with Taylor about an absolute truth – is it fair to say that heated sidewalks are absolutely never a necessity or is that on the verge of judgment? Can you judge actions but not a heart? There’s no cap on how much money a person can make in order to still be a Christian. The amount of money isn’t the issue – it’s what you do with it.

God says give at least 10% of your money and save, but not enough so that your barns are overflowing. I looked in the back of the Bible and there is no modern-day equivalent to tell me how much it takes to overflow a barn. They tell you how much a shekel is yet don’t tell you the dimensions of a barn and how much can fit. God also says sell everything and give to the poor (good reference, DM). Are we called to give more because the rest of the world isn’t? Does selling everything literally mean have a giant garage sale to get rid of all of your stuff or is it more “don’t be stupid and materialistic”?

I think what bothers me is how we somehow upgrade when our paycheck upgrades. I never want to be the person driving the sweet car where people say “I bet she’s rich”. No matter how much I give to the poor (time or money) I don’t want to use that as an excuse to be pretentious. Even if God blesses me with the ability to make money and have my salary grow every year, I don’t want to spend more in direct response to my pay increase. My brain and heart are tired. I sure love deep-thinking but it hurts my head.

Taylor and I hit the big 6 months. We are big time – 1/2 a year and still going strong. Sadly enough, I know people my age who didn’t even last that long. How does that happen?! He is currently in the kitchen making dinner for me from a website he found that gives daily recipes for the week. The part that intrigued him was how cheap the meals were if you just bought the exact ingredients and didn’t go crazy like we always do. Taylor always takes the conservative route. I can’t be trusted otherwise I end up with an eggplant and rosemary in my cart saying, “I’m sure we could do something with this!”

I will be officially done working in campus visits next Wednesday. If I weren’t really excited about Ft. Worth, I would be more sad. The thing about goodbyes is that people move on. I’d like to think that people will tear their clothes and cover their bodies in ashes but in reality they will be fine starting Thursday. I just invested a lot of myself into the kids that came through and I’m sad I won’t get to enjoy ACU with them. Oh well…maybe I’ll give tours of Ft. Worth to compensate.

Finality & Rob Bell

I’m pretty pensive right now so if you are looking for a good laugh, visit instead. If you want to struggle through holiness more with me, continue on..

I spent probably an hour last night reading all the facebook wall posts of Aaron Fry and Bryce Hilgenkamp. Both young college aged men that died way before their time. I actually read Aaron’s wall frequently because he is normally at the top of my friend’s list. What is fascinating to me is what an impact death can have on life. Both guys were very cool people, so life-altering that people write on their wall consistently. It’s been almost 2 years since both have died and while it is very sad that their lives were cut short, most people move on over time. They treat the relationship as if Bryce and Aaron just moved away and haven’t visited yet. It gets weird though when you look at their facebook to see the same profile picture, the same information, the same everything. It’s a visual picture of their last moments on earth and it is is bizarre. The memorial-on-facebook-wall is really sad. You see all the hurt and pain people are still going through. You read comments that you feel like are private between best friends but there is no other venue for those friends to cope and speak to their friends…cell phones have been cut off, graveyards are creepy. I dare you to read it sometime. It’s really morbid but very thought-provoking…it makes you wonder how your life would be frozen for the world to see.

On another less depressing note, I’ve been reading Rob Bell’s book about Jesus wanting to save Christians. The back of the book has a summary where it says:

“There is a church in our area that recently added an addition to their building which cost more than $20 million. Our local newspaper ran a front page story not too long ago revealing that one in five people in our city lives in poverty.

This book is about those two numbers. … It’s about what it means to be part of the church of Jesus in a world where some people fly planes into buildings while others pick up groceries in Hummers.”

That alone will give you enough to think about but the whole book makes you evaluate your life. God wants us to be happy for sure but how often do we use that as an excuse to live lavishly and where is the line drawn? Is it ok to pay a fortune for nice apartments while someone down the street can’t even find a place to sleep? Is it ok to spend $50 every week getting manicures and pediures while some people in our city can’t find $50 a week to eat?

Where do we draw the line? Or maybe there isn’t a line. Look at Mother T…she had sick nasty feet because she wore whatever shoes she could find. I read the book Irresistable Revolution a couple years back and while it was good, it bothered me. Shane Claiborne kind of ragged on having good jobs and being wealthy while talking about being invited into peoples homes for dinner. Where do you think the money for that meal came from?

I absolutely think that some people are gifted with making money while others are made for a life of urban ministry. The money-makers are the people that support your missions and fund your efforts. I don’t believe, however, that it is either or. It’s not “Oh I was gifted with making money and running my own company therefore I’ll drive a Hummer while I give part of my money away”. What’s the answer though? Being a missionary in the corporate world doesn’t give you an excuse to buy million dollar mansions. Many times we’ll say, “well we bought this giant house to have gatherings”.. Isn’t that abusing your wealth? At the same time, giving every single dime away and resorting to a life of poverty doesn’t help anyone either, it just makes things worse and makes you that much more dependent on the money-maker. Where is the balance?

I really don’t know the answer. I just know it bothers me a lot. I don’t want to make excuses for my excessive spending. I don’t want to label my materialism as something I will use to help those in need. I want to help those in need financially while living a modest lifestyle. My prayer is to learn how to balance the two. Any ideas?

Belkin, Holy, & Home

I’m going to go ahead and warn you that this is going to be a good one. Lots of things have happened recently and life is good.

To start, I bought a cover for my iPhone screen from Target. I was pretty stoked because I hate those nasty fingerprints that I leave all over the screen. When someone asks to use my phone, I hand it to them in a state that says “I just ate a bucket of KFC chicken and I smeared the grease all over my phone”. I put the cover on, worked out all the little bubbles, and voilĂ  – it still smears.

Jonathan Storment is a super good speaker. He spoke at RHCC today and talked about holiness among other things. He managed to say “snappy” to describe something, but other than that and other witty comments he had a great message. He said that if you think about holiness as inaction you are entirely missing the point. It’s not about what we don’t do or don’t say…it’s about the actions we do take. We can take a “we want to change the world” approach instead of “I’m better than you because I don’t watch House (shoutout to my encounter with super dad from a previous post)”. Man..I wish I could be holier instead of holier than thou, don’t you? His message hit home. I’m getting a little piece of humble pie each day and I love it. As Nedra says, “it takes bitter at first but goes down good in the end”. (or something like that…us Sparks are terrible at requoting)

Have you ever done something God’s way for real? It may be terrible at first but gives you such peace later. Next time you have a beef with someone, tell them directly instead of telling everyone but them. It goes completely against our nature but feels so much better later. You know that no matter what, you did it the right way and that is how we become holier. I think. If not, it works and makes you feel better at least.

We got an apartment today. WAHOO! we are very excited. The apartments are called the Mansions by the Vineyard which is an embarrasing and pretentious name but we like them and they are a super location. Come see us.

My contact broke in half this weekend. I wasn’t cool enough to pull a 4-eyed weekend (Lindsay Hall) but eventually I had to today. The one contact fell out and is now shriveled up somewhere in the carpet at church. I want to choose when I wear glasses and when I don’t have a choice I feel like I’m in 9th grade again with my tortoise shell rims while everyone else graduated to contacts. I’m lucky enough to have the option though so I’ll shut up.

I had a panic yesterday. I tried to call a realtor and I couldn’t hear one thing on my phone. I could put it on speakerphone and hear just fine or plug in my headphones and hear but no such luck on the phone speaker. I tried turning the volume up, going into the settings to look for something that got changed…nothing. I had to go to Costco today anyway to see if I could get a lone contact so we were going to swing by AT&T to have them fix my stupid volume. In the car on the way there, I started messing with the cool new screen protector I had. It then dawned on my that I didn’t have a volume problem until I put that thing on, covering my speaker. I started laughing really hard at what an idiot I was and how embarrasing that would have been when the AT&T people pointed that out. That would have been a story they would go home and tell their families at dinner. I would rather not be that customer. Way to go also, Belkin, for making a ridiculous product that not only shows KFC grease still but also prohibits any incoming or outgoing phone calls. EDIT: Taylor bought the iPod touch screen things, not iPhone. I’m still mad at Belkin for not labeling clearly and I left the last line to express that.

Lyrics of the week: God is great, beer is good, people are crazy. What does that even mean? There may be some serious wisdom in that.

HEB & Meatballs

We had a group of students come yesterday that were all first generation students or low income. They were one of the best well-behaved big groups that have come through in a while. Something within me loves to be with those kind of kids. They are so real and open about how they feel. With them, there are no false pretenses or stained-glass masquerades like our buddies Casting Crowns sing about. The director of this program told me that I held their attention better than every other tour. That’s probably because every other tour stuck to the script and bored them to tears. These kids haven’t seen colleges before. Do you really think they care about ebscohost or other research databases? No. Because I skipped the dumb stuff and stuck to what was relevant for them, we spent a good 15 extra minutes in COBA just sitting and talking through their questions. I bet others don’t take that time. Even people in our office were doubtful that any of them would be remotely close to coming here. I feel so strongly about us treating them just as well as the families from Highland Park who have 80 demands that we immediately cater too. They deserve just as much attention and quality we give others. Even if only 1 comes it is worth it to me.

The embarrassing thing about their visit is the miscommunication in my head. The organization that they came with was called the HEB Talent Search. I just didn’t understand why the grocery store HEB had a low income program where they searched for models and dancers. Alright, I guess. The entire day right up until the very end I really believed that this group came from the grocery chain. Who knew HEB also stood for Hurst, Euless, Bedford? Apparently no one besides people from DFW. Give me a break…

So I started reading Seth Godin’s book “Meatball Sundaes”. Disgusting title but pretty good book. What’s frustrating about it is the amount of evidence that the old way of marketing is gone. New marketing takes guts and creativity and there is no formula. I guess it is a fun challenge but also scary as crap for someone just starting out. All he talks about is how companies have to change their entire infrastructure and business plan in order to market to todays society. How do you think a CEO would like to hear that from an entry-level marketer? I’m sure that would go over well.

The idea is that companies use meatballs that they have used forever (tv, radio, etc) and just sprinkle some new cool stuff on top (twitter, SEO, etc). What you get is a meatball sundae and indegestion. Great, so how do you start making ice cream instead? That’s the frustrating part.

Speaking of meatball sundaes, I tweetled about this but there is just more to say., what are you thinking? For one, is the “dot” in your name silent? If not, do you realize you named your coffee shop a hair color? That was the first mistake. The second was your choice of cups. People are spending good amounts of time in your shop. Do you really thank them by putting their latte in the generic walmart cups they probably have at home? Classy. Taylor ordered a cream soda drink…his came in a clear solo cup. For real? I strongly suggest that you stop paying money for ugly hats that no one will buy and invest more in what your customers want. How about buying mugs to drink out of while they study or glass cups for your specialty cream sodas? My latte was good but there is power in presentation and you may have missed the boat on that one. I always have these thoughts about bad marketing…what better place to voice my opinions than my very own blog?! Match made in heaven.

The walmart cup is pictured below…

My dear friend emailed me tonight after finding this link. I love hearing from special old friends! Welcome to the rants of my blog, Daniel.

DMV & Miley

Why does no one tell you the downside of marriage? Yea, living together can be tricky and arguing about money and other things is an issue but no on warns you about the worst part…

No one tells you about sitting in line for hours to get your name changed. I was pretty fond of Sparks. I had it for 21 years and I really grew to love it. Now here I sit with every important document of my life fighting for a seat at the stinky DMV. I wonder if the people that work here have any friends. They sure aren’t trying to make any durig the hours of 8-5. But, hey…at least I’ll be a bona fide Texan when this is all said and done.

Last night Taylor and I got to play with Stone and Reagan “Hannah Montana Ballerina Cinderella Miley Stewart” Ratliff. (imagine getting that name change legally) Stone is 2 and Reagan is 3ish..?. Reagan and I had a good time preparing for her concert later that night at ACU. Being Hannah Montana herself, we had a lot to do to prepare. They had eaten at Subway, so Reagan got some stationary with stickers in her meal. We decided that would be the best to write her fan letters on. We carefully signed each letter (by putting one sticker on each sheet) and then we went around the playground delivering each letter. Surprisingly, all of Hannah Montana’s fans live very close…one under the slide, one in the slide, one on the bridge. Apparently all her fans were asleep though so we had to be very quiet when we opened the door to put the letters in. Sometime over the course of our playing, she started calling me Miley and I called her Hannah. I felt pretty cool…here’s Hannah herself delivering a letter:

I think I like kids because I still daydream like I’m 4 so it really isn’t a stretch to find fans that live on a playground.

The best part of the night? Watching Taylor send Mack down the slide.