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Another One Bites the Dust

“HOW DO THESE THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO YOU?!  I’m being totally serious–you are a completely engaged, capable, attentive mom–and yet?!?” – my friend Aimee. Also, probably my husband. There’s a list of about 5 establishments our family should never enter again. Due to unforeseen bathroom emergencies, we should never again step foot inside the Kroger pharmacy, Panera Bread, […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Poo

We spent 30 minutes in a Braum’s bathroom last week. 30 minutes of an 8 hour road trip spent in a fast food bathroom stall. I thought lugging a kid (or two) and a diaper bag into a bathroom stall for my own potty break was intense. I just had no idea. Potty training is no joke. And […]

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Do GNAT go in your underwear, young man.

I’ve never done an Ironman or even a Tough Mudder but I have potty trained a tiny human, so I get the gist. Sometimes I feel like I should spread out my more…uh…”uncouth” posts, but let’s get real – there’s nothing couth about small children and sometimes the key to survival is laughter. Which is […]

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