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The Art of Comparison

Do you know what I did a couple months ago? I bought a $22 teether. Like, a baby teether. A $22 French one with a stupid name: Sophie. I bought it because everyone had it. All the moms at the nursery, all the moms at the park, all the moms being paid to talk about […]

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Ordinary meets extraordinary.

Serious Tuesday post time. I’m not really sure why Tuesday, it just seems like a good day to be introspective. Last Serious Tuesday post, I wrote about why I wanted to adopt. In the post, I mentioned the blog, Kisses from Katie. A precious (and super hilarious) lady at church gave me a copy of […]

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I hardly slept Sunday night. Part of it had to do with drinking coffee at 9pm (stupid), but the other part had to do with some blogs I was reading. They reminded me of a few hours I spent at an orphanage in Donetsk, Ukraine, over a decade ago. By instruction, I was wearing clothes […]

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