We are the Brooks. Me, my husband, and our 3 fellas.

We believe strongly in Jesus, grace, and lots of laughter.

Pretty sure you can’t get any more opposite than the two of us. Introvert/extrovert, accountant/blogger-turned-speaker, dislikes “hairy” orange juice/loves “hairy” orange juice…opposites. It’s why we work.

We have a herd of young men that are parented partly by us, mostly by Google. They are the family favorites.

About the Blog

What started as a blog about life as fresh-out-of-college newlyweds has evolved into a hodge podge of all things parenting, faith, social media, and every day life.

Why this blog? Because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to laugh. You will rarely, if ever, find a Pinterest project gone right on here.

Instead, you’ll see a blessed life that is beautifully imperfect.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to know you aren’t alone in being a glorified mess, so we want to share our journey…the good, the bad, the ridiculous.

Also? I’d very much like to follow your journey, too. Let’s be cyber-friends.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ashley Hayley

    Hey, Sarah! I found your blog a few months ago via your instagram post and I just kept reading. 🙂 It’s really refreshing to find other Christians out there in the blogging world who aren’t super artificial. I love what you do! Keep it up!

    1. Sarah Brooks Sarah Brooks

      Hey Ashley! Um, I was going to comment on how cute you are and how awesome your photography is, but…then I saw that you just got caught up on Grey’s Anatomy…and that’s much more important to discuss. I’m at the end of Season 8 as we speak. Thank you, Netflix. Anyway – thanks for your note! Here’s to real Christians!! 🙂

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