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I’m in a fragile state of life where I’m afraid to try anything new for fear it will become an obsession. Pregnancy does this to you.

My friend served coconut pie at a dinner 27 days ago and I’ve thought about it every day since.

Another friend told me about this Thai place by my house (a genre of food I’d never tried nor desired to). Long story short, I’ve eaten Pad Thai from the same place for 8 different meals this week.

I suffer from addictive pregnancy personality disorder.

So, this April, here are my current obsessions.

Hopefully some will stick around (like the car), others might be seasonal (looking at you, Thai Kitchen restaurant).


1. GMC Acadia. After extensive car thinking/observing/polling/shopping (seriously has to be the worst thing in the whole world), we bought an Acadia.

It basically came down to an Acadia or a Honda Odyssey. I should write a whole post on the minivan thing because HOLY BANANAS ARE WE A VAIN CULTURE. I can’t tell you how many people grabbed me by the arm, eyes brimming with tears, begging me not to be a minivan mom.

Honestly, I really thought I would be. Partly to make a statement, partly because sliding doors and built-in window shades.

We gave both vehicles a fair shake but when it came down to it, we liked some of the technology features of the GMC better and – I’ll have you know – when I found myself standing in the rain in an Albertson’s parking lot with two antsy kids looking in the window at the keys, phone, and wallet locked into my running car, the wifi remote unlock feature really came in handy. (Did I mention I owned the car for less than 2 weeks before someone had to remotely unlock it for me? We don’t need to dwell on that. We also don’t need to dwell on the fact that I only knew one phone number by heart and was totally screwed if Taylor didn’t answer. #firstworldproblems)

Anyway. My car. We love her.

2. This song. Oh God by Citizens & Saints. Thanks to Rachel for sending it to me and you’re welcome to everyone else for passing it along.

3. My bottle of Shea Moisture Lavender & Wild Orchid Dry Oil Mist w/ Arnica Extract from a sweet friend. What do all those words mean? I have no idea. What does it do? Not a clue. But I basically bathe in it every day.

4. Chicken Pad Thai. See beginning of this post. This is my cry for help.

5. Maybelline Color Show: Green with Envy. Mmmmm yes, please.


This face. This sweet, handsome little face that I got to see today.

Is this real life? We can just wave wands over our stomachs and see our unborn babies? I love technology. And this teensy face.


I think that’s it for now. The 5 things I cannot live without this April.

What should be on my list for May?!


One thought on “Current Obsessions

  1. Jayce

    There have been moments with both pregnancies when I thought, “Do they just put a random image up on that 4D sonogram screen & say ‘this is YOUR baby!'”


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