Now Charging Admission

Yesterday, I contributed greatly to society by being a “model” at a clinic for pregnant women in crisis. They were having a nurse training afternoon with a sonographer, and I volunteered my services as the perfect pregnant specimen a pregnant lady not in crisis. The nurses trained on using the sonogram machine, identifying strange baby parts, measuring fetal things, etc.

And I just want to help in any way I can, you know?

Just kidding. I mostly wanted to see my baby and find out the gender and if that helps others in the process, PERFECT.

So while checking out the baby goods wasn’t at the forefront of their minds, it was definitely on mine.

My eyes were zeroed in on the space between the two tiny femurs they were measuring…and there was no mistaking the object between them.

Long story short, I’m building an outhouse and investing in bandaid companies and adding on a sound-proof, injury-proof padded room to our house because we are having ANOTHER BOY.

a boy a boy a boy

I should rename my blog right now. Something like “dirt, bugs, and broken bones” or “queen of the man cave” or “boys are super weird…I would know, I live with 4 of them”.

We are super excited. Truly. I thought I’d be more sad for #3 to be a girl, but I am not. I am thrilled (and scared out of my mind) to add to our crazy zoo of a house.

3 boys 4 and under should be an adventure, to say the least.

But, oh my mercy, are we thankful for another healthy little man.

Here is the cutest 3 year old I know explaining to our out of town friends, like we explained to him. He is so proud. And the best big (and bigger) brother around:

{View at your own risk. This video may cause overwhelming feelings of adoration. We are not liable for screen consumption or damaging hugs to your computer.}

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