Sock Bandit & Costume Roundup

The face of a little boy that tried to eat a snail*.


And a wood chip.

And an acorn.

And smashed bug guts.

The great outdoors are fun, aren’t they?

(*picture taken by the mom who actually debated for a few seconds between messing up freshly painted nails or digging the snail out. #boymompropz)

Sock Bandit

When Beckett was about a year old, he developed a love affair with the Swiffer. Like, would whine and cry to play with it at play dates, instead of the thousands of mom-tested, kid-approved toys in front of him.

Hutton is following suit. Not with a Swiffer, but something equally as awkward: socks.

All shapes and sizes, clean or unclean. He doesn’t discriminate.

He is a sock bandit.

If he disappears for more than a few seconds and a closet is nearby, there’s a 98.2% chance you will find him there.


Digging through socks.

He might even come find you with his treasures…

…time and time again…


…and again.


He has a real problem.

It’s cute in a “I hope you outgrow this before junior high” kind of way, but I have a feeling it’s also payback for my minor foot phobia. (And by “minor” I mean I should honestly see a therapist or something. It’s not natural.)

Costume Roundup

Speaking of bandits, Hutton was a raccoon at some point during costume season (aka Halloween). He’s at prime age and body type for costuming, so we got our money’s worth.

IMG_5211The best costume of all, though, was Beckett’s.

He was mostly a dinosaur.


But not just any dinosaur.

You see, over 20 (TWENTY) years ago, there was another little boy dinosaur named Taylor.


(If you think he was cute then, you should see what he looks like as a grown man. Dreamy McDreamers.)

So, as you can see, the dinosaur is super special. It has made it all these years thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of the seamstress who made it (my mother-in-law).

My favorite thing about this dino is his giant tail. Specifically, that a little girl cried because she was “overwhelmed” when trying to walk around it. And that I kept catching glimpses of it around the house doing normal, everyday things.

Don’t mind the snackasaurus who refuses to return to regular, uncostumed life.

A photo posted by Sarah Brooks (@sarahbrooks13) on

It’s kinda too much cute to handle.

And oddly appropriate considering my next-to-last blog post.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go be a dinosaur today, too.

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