for real tho…life as of late

It’s been a while since I’ve just documented life as of late which, coincidentally, is what the title of this blog is. And I have a hankering to write words without having to think too hard about them, so howsabout a little update post for my own sake.

Like an update on Beckett. He’s 3 and really good at being 3. He is a little tootface that makes me laugh on a minutely basis. Have you seen that little chunky kid who says “apppparennttllyyyy” a lot? That’s Beck with the words “actually” and “seriously”. It’s amazing.


He’s potty trained for the most part, and he’s really good at entering a bathroom clothed and exiting completely naked.

He is a tender-hearted little dude who just this morning asked “who are we going to teliver that other loaf of bread you just wrapped up to?” It made me feel equal parts proud of his thoughtfulness and guilty when I confessed I wanted to keep both loaves for myself. (You’d understand if you’ve ever experienced my sour cream chocolate chip banana bread. This recipe has rocked our world.)

He says “crownies” instead of “brownies”, “freaking” instead of “freezing”, and “peh-tween” instead of “between”.

He is inquisitive (understatement of the century), funny, and stubborn.

He is also our Careful Carl who rides his scooter at exactly .314 miles per hour and requests knee pads every 4 seconds.

The Hutt man, on the other hand, is a tank. An actual tank. 75% tank, 25% flubber. And we are all seriously obsessed with him. Like, might actually consume him. He is so delicious it’s hard for me to talk too much about it because I will be forced to go upstairs and wake him up from his nap right this second.


He still has a pretty good case of reflux and by “good case” I mean just in the past 2 days he projectile vomited on top of my head, in a pile of clean laundry, and in my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. We’re all super tired of it, but I’m thankful for washing machines and an otherwise healthy buddy.

He is crawling, pulling up, and can stand and balance – unassisted – for a few seconds at a time, which is totally not ok for a 7 1/2 month old. If he starts walking super early, I’m truly afraid he’ll bulldoze every kid around him.

He is happy 98% of the time, but when he’s not happy, he’s pissed. As in screams-like-a-pterodactyl-whose-appendix-has-burst pissed. Over something like “Hey, mom…I ran out of cheerios.” There’s no in-between with him. (Or in-“pehtween”, if you will.) It’s kind of hilarious and super embarrassing in public.

He has baby duckling hair that stands straight up, a bum that begs to be squeezed at all times, a random dimple in his chest that gets more pronounced the “fluffier” he gets, and 6 teeth that came in all at once. He. Is. Perfection.

Our main main, Taylor, is basically the best thing to happen to planet earth. Specifically, the best thing to happen to me besides Jesus. He is the calm to my crazy and the most steadfast, loving presence a wife and mom could ask for. Plus, all kidding aside, he is killin it at his job and I’m so proud of him. (His job at a theme park which I think is awesome. His coworkers’ titles are things like “Corporate Candy Buyer” and “Rollercoaster Engineer”. Yes, please.)

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.05.49 AM

As for me, well, life never goes like I think it’s going to and I kinda love it. The book deal isn’t happening right now which is actually a huge HUGE weight off my shoulders at the present time. Maybe in the future, but for now, I’m happy with my mom gig.

At night and nap times, I still spend a fair amount of time talking to parents and teens about social media. I get to chat with all kinds of schools, groups, and organizations and I love it. Love, love it. It’s amazing how God orchestrated this whole side business – a “business” that is really just a passion of mine that I am excited and humbled to share with others.


Well, and Mack. Ugh. He still counts as a Brooks family member. For the time being, anyway.

After his recent $1,000 medical bill for that minor tail accident, I was feeling kinda bad for how far down the list of priorities he’s fallen…that is until he panicked and ate yet another couch. Long story short, he spends a lot more time outside these days.


So, there’s that. Don’t we all feel better now?

Wait, no.


Ok, now we do.

Until next time.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Such sweet boys! And poor Mack, maybe he needs a dog friend or a home where he can have a dog friend! I LOVE that last picture 🙂


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