The Boys’ New Digs: Transportation & Giraffes

We’ve been occupying our new house for 1 month now. And before any of you make that really cute statement about “Ohhh welcome to home ownership…” followed by a wink, save your breath. We’ve already had an appliance repair man fix our dryer for a small fee of a few hundred dollars. Ridic.


One of the first rooms I wanted to have completely ready in the new house was the B man’s. Hutton won’t know the difference between sleeping in a laundry basket in the closet vs. sleeping in a fully-furnished nursery, so I wasn’t *quite* as concerned about getting his room done.

We at the Brooks household have always loved f*ckas, but our horizons have been broadened over the past year. We pretty much love all forms of transportation now: cars, trucks, trains, fire trucks, tractors, and UPS trucks. But garbage trucks, you guys, have begun to lead the pack. Man, we love us some “gah-bag” trucks. They’re magical.

However. Instead of doing a trash-themed room for the Beck as requested (I’m a mean mom, I know), I opted for a “transportation” theme. That way we could include all vehicles and sneak in a few garbage truck without it being weird.

Here’s our budgeted version of a boy’s transportation room: (and, yes, these are terrible quality pics. Maybe I’ll update them one day when I care enough to.)

beck room
beck room elements(I have Target to thank for the dump truck nightlight and canvas above his dresser. Ikea hit me up with the bookshelves and “B” bookend. Joann had the fabric I used to make his bedding since, you know, no one sells toddler bedding, just toddler beds. The reading chair has been a staple at our house for a while – the ever popular Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair. And Home Depot came through yet again with their sample size paints that easily painted the entire dresser for around $10.)

I have dreams of painting a simple line-art skyline on the big wall in his room, but in the meantime, these prints will have to do.

beck artThe snuck in garbage truck, a f*cka, and a commission for Beckett to tell everyone the good news in the very place we live in. Our skyline, a map of our city…I love it. (Am I allowed to love it since it was my idea? Oh well, I said it and I’m stickin with it.)


And last, but certainly not least, Hutton’s room is completely done.

Fine, not completely. But close enough. That dude won’t care.


hutton full room hutton elements(Ikea is to thank for the changing table and….other cabinet, whatever that’s called. Hobby Lobby had the big metal “H”. Target had the pillow and shower curtain that my mom transformed into a real curtain. And my favorite feature – the metal giraffe on the shelf that was purchased from a small shop in Ghana, West Africa, almost 7 years ago.)

Just like Beckett’s nursery, I wanted a print for Hutton. Something to remind him of how special he is. What better way than Psalm 114:6, aka the ultimate nursery verse.

hutton art

(Fun fact: Costco makes poster board prints for really, really cheap. Like $10.99 for an 11×14 cheap.)

So that’s that.

I can’t believe I will have 2 tiny boys occupying these 2 huge rooms in a matter of days.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better start walking if I want to make it to church on time. 40 minutes is enough time to make it 8 miles, right? I’m hoping the trek will bring about some labor.

Nevermind, we’ll drive. But I will be eating spicy food for lunch so take that.

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