Froggies & Weighty

This is what happens when you make a joke about your dog being the only family member on prescription medication:


1 week later, and 3 out of 4 family members have new prescriptions.

Ear Froggies

It was fun to jokingly bemoan how terribly that trip to Kansas went last month, but seriously…it’s still sticking with us. We’re now on round 3 of antibiotics for Beckett’s ear infection. I see some tubage in our future.

I finally took him back to the doctor last week (and yesterday. We basically live there.) because he was still…slightly grumpy. Could be 2 year molars, could be liver failure. You just never know with a kid.

Turns out it was “lots and lots of very angry froggies” in his ear still, which is pediatric-speak for a 6-week-long gangrenous incurable ear infection.

This kid is so dang happy that no one ever thinks he’s sick except me, which makes me sound like an overprotective freak-show. So, not that I ever want froggies in his ears, but I always inwardly rejoice when my mom gut is spot on.

…which is most of the time. My current mom gut also tells me to eat a lot of Taco Bell late at night, so let’s keep that in mind.


At my OB/GYN on Thursday, I asked how my weight gain was this time compared to last pregnancy. Last time, y’all, I ate an about of Arby’s. I took “you’re eating for two” very, very seriously.

She said, “Let’s see…last time you weighed…{insert outburst of laughter} a lot more. Like, 20 pounds more. {more laughter}”

Me from 2 years ago hates her guts for laughing in my face.

Current me high-fived her after shoving that empty Taco Bell wrapper further into my purse and out of sight.

Vomit Warning

Hey, also.

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means that some of you are really excited about Black Friday shopping.

Before you get carried away, heed my advice from the trauma of Black Friday 2011: 1) Not everything is actually on sale and 2) Sometimes you’ll accidentally dig through barf (for a regularly priced item).

You’ve been warned.

And merry early decorating.

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