New site! Same awkward.

Yea, welcome to almost 2014, I finally stopped being lazy and moved my blog to a new platform.

What the hack does that mean? Basically just that my blog has moved from to and will be a little less terrible, functionality-wise. That’s nerd talk for don’t worry about it, just update your bookmarks.

Seriously, you guys, this has been on my to-do list for about 4 years. And instead of just having someone do all the technical stuff for me (reason #1 why it has taken this long), I used my infinite very limited coding knowledge to do it myself. (Self-hosted, FTP, HTML, CSS, whatever other stupid phrases and acronyms I’ve seen the past few days: I hate your guts.)


Things probably got jacked up, namely your email and/or feed subscription, and for that I apologize. Allegedly they will still work…we’ll see soon enough. (And if there’s another big fat glaring problem with the site, let me know. There’s a really good chance I know nothing about it.)

If you’re new here or have never subscribed to the blog…seize the day. Or something. Only if you want to. You can subscribe to either all posts (including some quality stories and/or pictures about life and parenting in general) or just the social media ones (also good, just not nearly as cute of pictures). Check the “subscribe” links on the side of the blog for options there.

Annnnyyyywaaayyyy. All that to say, thanks for being my cyber friend.

Let’s continue on this new site, shall we?

(And thank heavens I don’t have to tell people “” anymore. Such a ridiculous address.)

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