Easter Fun & Jade 2.0

(this post = a photo dump)

Easter Fun?

Easter: a time of celebration that Jesus rose from the grave and will one day make all things new.

Such a glorious Sunday.

Beckett was just as overcome with emotion as the rest of us.

Yea, buddy. It is a big deal. It’s a HUGE deal. It’s the difference between life and death. Just let it all out.

Seriously though we had some really bad Easter festivities on Saturday. Friday and Sunday’s Easter events were splendid. Saturday? Awful. And it wasn’t just awful because the Christian radio station’s egg hunt was poorly executed and Beckett was almost trampled by the helicopter moms and selfish kids or because the Easter bunny costume was horrifying, it was just a grumpy, grumpy day in Beckettland.

The cow had shifty eyes, the Easter basket hat was only funny for the first 2 seconds, the group photo was excessive, the slide lost its luster…it was all just very grumpy. Big fail.

Friday? Very fun. Our pediatrician put on an Easter egg “hunt” that was very toddler friendly (i.e. the smaller, weaker children were not mauled in the Easter egg survival of the fittest).

Beckett and his BFF Graysonface. (Actually just Grayson. But Graysonface is fun to say.)
hi, sweetest picture ever.

He won bubbles as a prize for his excellent hunting picking up neon colored eggs sitting in plain sight. What happened in the car on the way home was nothing short of pure, uncontainably screechy joy.

(This video is kind of anticlimactic since he toned it down as soon as I started recording him, but the one screech gives you an idea of how the previous 10 minutes sounded.)

I wish grown adults still acted that strongly at the sight of bubbles. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Also, his s’s. Is that little lisp not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

I’ll answer that: no, it’s not.

This is:

Jade 2.0

Jade 1.0 was stolen (tragically) several years ago near the thriving metropolis of Wiener, Arkansas. So we now know that a) Wieners are thieves, b) purebred labs are expensive and highly sought after for hunting in those parts; ergo, c) people would rather steal someone else’s puppy than buy their own.

Enter: Jade 2.0.

Jade 2.0 was my brother’s Easter surprise to himself.

My first niece. Isn’t she so stinkin’ cute?

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