Flupidemic & Santa Daddy!


Remember that flu shot Beckett had 2 weeks ago? I want my $20 back.

7 sleepless cough-attack nights, 893 Fresh Beat episodes, and 1,422 popsicles later, it appears that team Brooks is on the mend.

And we finally had a good photo shoot. (I know you were all worried.)

We’re now just waiting on the ear infection(s) to clear up. At the follow-up appointment with our pediatrician, he informed us that the infected ear had gotten worse and the previously healthy ear was headed towards infection.


He gave us new antibiotics so it should clear up this week. If it hasn’t, we do x-rays and blood work. I guess since we’ve already hit his deductible (20 days into the new year), we might as well remove his ears entirely. No more ear infections ’round these parts.

I’m so glad he’s back to smiling and being a todderly mess.


If you’re on Twitter, you might have seen me mention the new stage we’re in. It goes a little something like this:

Walk into a store. See someone who remotely resembles Taylor. Point and yell “DADDDYYYYYY!!!!!” at full volume. Quickly move on to the next aisle. Repeat.

all. through. the. store.

If I never have to make eye contact with a strange man again and mutter, “So sorry” as I shuffle my obviously delusional child to the opposite end of the produce section, I would…shop much more peacefully.

I know it’ll only get better from here once sentences make their appearance, like, “Why is she so fat?” or “Look at his nose!”.

For now, we’ll just keep truckin along making everyone question whether I know who the baby daddy is or not. (I do, by the way. And so does Beckett. No doubt there.)

Also? Beckett pointed and yelled, “Santa!” at a little old lady wearing a red dress.

Double also? He made a monkey noise at a person in Target. Pointed straight at them and ooo-ooo-aah-ahh’d.

I would say it’s completely mortifying, which it is to some extent, but it’s also really, really funny. Because it’s what kids do. It is hilarious.

And let’s be honest…she really did look like Santa, little white beard and all.

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