Neighborly Blessingmas Revolution 2012

Gather round the fire, everyone. I’m going to tell you the tale of an underground revolution called Blessingmas 2012.

Better yet, I’ll just share the email I sent to a few of my friends:

Hey friends. I can still call you that, right? Most of you are probably wondering why you’re still friends with me. I’ll remind you why: my charm is irresistible.
Let me give you some background about my cryptic text today. If you’re completely uninterested in that and would rather just know what I’m proposing, skip to the bottom.
Last year at this time I decided to make brownies for my neighbors for Christmas. I kind of have this deal about neighbors. The thing is: we go all over the world in search of people to be Jesus to, and often forget the families who live within feet of us. Literally feet. We live in a culture that celebrates individualism and we often isolate ourselves inside our houses, throwing an occasional wave to our neighbs.
I started having this feeling that Jesus envisions the lives of Christians differently. We’re built for community and for being Christ to those around us and who better than the people surrounding us, living their lives a few feet away? Even you, crazy neighbor lady with the pet monkey (true story). Buuuuut “being Christ” can be sort of uncomfortable and we don’t know what to do or how to meet people…
Long story short: Last year, I baked some brownies and left them on my neighbor’s doorsteps. It was noninvasive, and who doesn’t love baked goods, especially at Christmas? You know what happened? People smiled. They thanked us. Every single one of them. A grown man gave me the most sincere thank you ever and said, “I’ve lived here umpteen years and no one has ever done anything like this.”
Y’all. It was seriously like a $1 value box of brownies. And it was so. easy. to. do.
We aren’t even much closer to several of them than we were this time last year, but I think they know we are a home on their street that cares enough about them to do something unexpected, which is kind of the point, isn’t it? It opens the door for the radical, sort-of-culturally-weird love of Jesus.
So I got to thinking, I want to do it again this year. But bigger than that – I want to recruit others to do the same. You can tell I’m a little passionate about this for myself and for you and for the WHOLE WORLD AND PEACE ON EARTH, but seriously, I know this is a busy time. And, frankly, if someone sent this email to me a few years ago I would have filed it away with the “Send a book get 64 free!” chain letter.
This is a guilt-free zone. Take this email or leave it. It’s just an idea from one friend to the next; a chance to do instead of talk about doing. Plus, if I send this to all of you, it forces me to follow through on my own street. I’d love you to join me, but I still love you even if you choose to be a Scrooge can’t.
The plan:
1. Buy some festive treat bags.
2. Bake/buy a treat.
3. Attach a card.
4. Drop them off on the doorstep. No interaction necessary.
5. Invite friends and family to join you.

That was my email pitch. I have some pretty great friends…or they just agreed so I’d leave them alone; regardless, my friends + my friends’ friends = a few dozen people in different states who committed to this which is super awesome.

And now, ladies and gents, we’d like to open it up to the blogosphere at large.

Yea, it’s a really simple idea. Possibly even juvenile. But you know what? Among the buying and scurrying and family conversing and stocking stuffing of Christmas, it’s kind of fun to stop and take a couple hours one day to do something nice for someone you don’t really know very well.

I’ll even make it easy – here’s a premade card you can print and use. It’s the one we and several of our friends are using. Just sign your name and write something like (the ones at 123 Main Street) underneath so they know who you are.

(click > right click > save as > print > attach to treat bag > drop on doorstep > run away)

Who’s in?

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