Those Chinese Racists.

In the weeks following the birth of our offspring, Taylor had some highly entertaining conversations in his sleep. (Refer to posts here and here for proof.)

Unfortunately for me, he’s been getting adequate sleep for a while now and hasn’t graced me with his sleep conversations in a while…until last night.

It was as if he’d been storing up an entire sleep scenario for a special occasion (last night). It played out like this:

(It’s 8:42pm and Taylor has fallen asleep mid-conversation, ceiling light still on.)

Taylor: (sits straight up from dead sleep) What?? I’m not waiting.

Sarah: Huh? Waiting for what?

Taylor: For the light to turn off. (Points to the overhead, then rolls over and turns on his bedside lamp, possibly in an attempt to turn off the big light.) … the light on the wall. In the hole. With Chinese people. Well, China and Mexico.

Why are you being so judgmental with your eyes?

Sarah: (stares blankly at obviously delusional husband) 

Taylor: (falls asleep again)

2 minutes later…

Taylor: (bolts out of bed and turns off the overhead light. Walks back to the edge of the bed) What am I trying to do?! (gets back in bed; hums himself to sleep)

2 minutes later….

Taylor: Why are you laughing?

Sarah: Because you’re doing a bunch of weird stuff.

Taylor: Like what?

Sarah: I’ll tell you when you’re coherent.

Taylor: I am right now.

Sarah: Well, for starters, do you remember mentioning Chinese people?

Taylor: The ones behind the white people? …(mumbles towards Sarah) racist…

Sarah: Why are you dreaming about Chinese people?

Taylor: Hmm…great question. Why are you hanging them on the wall?

End scene.

You’re welcome and happy Thursday. 

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