Smith Reunion: Walkers, Canes, & everything in betwane

inbetwane…get it? it rhymes with cane!!! 


The past week, Beckett and I flew to Kansas, drove to and from Arkansas, and flew back to Texas. It was a lot of traveling for an almost 25 year old 1 year old.

The flight to Kansas went swimmingly, aside from being a teensy bit tardy to the airport, neon yellow “LATE CHECK-IN” tags being stuck all over my bags, and the always awkward terminal-speed-walk to arrive at the gate just in time to be one of the last to board the aircraft. But we made it.

[One day I’ll write a post about the genius of stuffing your toddler so full of finger foods he has no time to realize how much he hates being confined to a tiny seat with the neighboring traveler stroking him and telling him about his future profession of dentistry, what with all the teeth he has (…because we all know the calling to dentistry starts with having a few teeth of your own.)]

After a quick day in Kansas, we headed to Arkansas for the Smith Family Reunion, an annual reunion of my Papa’s (remember him?)  brothers and sisters.

There are 9 remaining siblings and their ages range from 78-95. Great-grandma Smith really grew some durable children.

The Journey

The 6 hour car ride to Arkansas was a little bit brutal.

But we did stop for cheese and to play at a park.

What happens after a belly full of cheese and expended energy? A much more pleasant car ride.

The Reunion

Seeing members of the Smith family was great!

I think.

I really can’t comment much on it, because I was a little preoccupied with my spawn, the professional organizer. He spent all 3 days of the reunion on the move, pushing anything and everything he could find around the building.

From the highchair to Uncle Buel’s walker to the unknown cousin, he pushed everything nonstop.

He also cleaned the floor with his legs and feet while he was at it.

The dude won’t walk on his own very much, but give him an old man’s walker or an unsuspecting distant relative and he will get places at lightning speed.

Aside from the over-active organizing, it was great to spend time in good ole Pokey. Y’all, I have a really good family.

See the People of Walmart-esque picture? The new carts have front-facing kids’ seats with a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. Come on, America. Tell me our children don’t get close to that limit.

It’s a good thing Beckett and I squeaked by. When presented the option, I always prefer the lazy route.

The Return

The drive back to Kansas wasn’t as terrible, possibly because of who drove.

We spent a few days in Kansas before flying back home. It was filled with shopping, mani/pedis, haircuts, and riding the motorized gadget my dad picked up out of some guy’s trash.

It’s really too bad my child never gets any attention or affection. He’s so deprived. 
Speaking of deprived, I didn’t get a hug at the airport. My child, on the other hand, was taken from me in a whirlwind of squeals and kisses. I got the bags. I’ve officially been demoted to “our grandbabyangelface’s mom”, but you know what? It’s ok. He is totally worth everyone’s full attention.
The pictures from this post were brought to you by my new Nikon CoolPix camera. I haven’t fully morphed into chopped liver yet – my parents not only remembered my upcoming birthday, but gave me an awesome camera as a birthday gift. It does a pretty good job, huh?

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    Precious photo of your baby!

    I can’t get your header photo to show up . . . it disappeared. I was trying to show it to my husband, and it’s not there.

    I suppose it’s my computer or you’re changing the photo?


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