Cabbage, Creeper Bathrooms, & Surprising Nerds


It was a little hard to pay attention during library story time today, because I was a little afraid that the fresh produce I stuck in my bra was sticking out of my shirt. That’d be an awkward explanation to have with the person sitting next to me – the person who happened to be my male next door neighbor.

I’ve been weaning Beckett over the past few weeks, now that he is at the magical age where he can drink cow’s milk. Let the record show that he was exclusively breastfed (no formula or milk) for the first year of his life. Where do I pick up my medal? (Probably the same place they offer post breastfeeding boob jobs.)

I was pretty uneducated about breastfeeding in the beginning (should’ve gone to that class at the hospital, in addition to the childbirth class – the one where we giggled every time they said “massage the fundus”), and I am certainly uneducated about weaning. For such a “natural” process, it sure is painful and unintuitive.

So it’s been 3 days since Beckett has nursed. He’s been downing some whole milk like a champ (shoutout to chocolate Nesquick) so I think I’m officially off the clock. My brain knows it, my lady parts don’t, hence the fresh produce.

During my extensive research one Google search, I read that putting refrigerated cabbage in your shirt helps the weaning process. Verdict is still out on whether it actually works, but I can confidently confirm that it makes you feel 100% stupid.

So, yea. What library time? Oh, right. The one where I kept looking down to make sure a leafy green wasn’t wiggling it’s way out into the open.

Creeper Bathrooms

My parents were here last week and we painted several rooms in my brother’s new house. He had to work all week, conveniently enough.

Fun fact: the house had a random bathroom in the garage that the realtor and my brother thought was added on to be handicap accessible. Jared’s new neighbors told him it was actually built to accommodate the pedophile who rented out the garage from the previous owners.


Surprising Nerds

One of my besties passed her CPA exam after sitting like 109 times for it. She is a super smart, always-got-a-higher-score-than-Taylor-on-exams-in-college person, but those tests kicked her butt. So, to celebrate with her, we packed up the car and drove to their house for a surprise nerd party.

Beckett wasn’t loving his outfit and Taylor looks like a nerd by day/kidnapper by night, but I loved every second of dressing up (as usual). Is there something wrong with me that I welcome and relish in any opportunity to be in costume? Also, might I add that I didn’t buy anything for my outfit? Those pants, taped glasses, AND suspenders were all in my closet already. I really like costumes, y’all.

I wish you could see her I <3 Excel badge better. It was really special.

A big BIG congratulations to Candace, the CPA. Let Taylor or her know if you ever need help with your taxes. They love when people ask that.

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