Your daddy.

He is your number one fan. He’s your supporter. He’s your friend. He’s your teacher. He’ll never leave you. He’ll always protect you. He can’t wait to play ball with you. He giggles at every little thing you do. He beams with pride when he carries you through the store. He works incredibly hard to provide for you. He tells you how precious you are. He is forever proud of you. He teaches you how the world works. He plays with you. He sneaks in your room at night to kiss you. He scoops you up when he comes home from work and tells you he missed you. He reads to you. He smiles bigger at the sound of your name than he’s ever smiled at anything before. He loves your momma with all he has in him. He loves you even more.

He’s not the same man I married. I married an incredible man, but this man is even more patient, more loving, more supportive. The day he met you, he was forever changed. He became a daddy.

He is your daddy. And he is the greatest earthly daddy you could ever have. In fact, he’s a pretty good picture of how your heavenly father feels about you.

You’re one lucky little boy, Beckett.

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