May. In Pictures.

Full disclaimer: this post will pretty much only be filled with ridiculously handsome pictures of a certain 9 month old named Beckett. If you’re looking for embarrassing stories about gluing your face or being unable to identify genders, come back next week. I’m sure I’ll have something good by then.

I’ve been busy this month chasing a chunky little nugget around. He has given up the one-big-toe-and-one-forearm-only army crawl and decided the regular hands-and-knees crawl will suit him. He also decided that walking along furniture, or really anything that gives him the tiniest bit of leverage to stand, is awesome. So, to catch up on blogging and to make sure the world at large sees enough of the greatest human ever to live (Jesus excluded)…

Our life, in the month of May, in the year of 2012, in pictures:

This month had some swimming. I’ve got to be honest…his nonchalant attitude about the pool annoyed me. He had sort of a “Is this all you’ve got?” mentality. So unimpressed.

Even when Hank came over, he just crawled out of the pool and played in the grass and dirt instead. Except here. Here he was sharing his toys like a little punkin pants.

One thing that’s shocking about pool time is how wrinkly his feet get within 3 minutes of touching water. Correct me if I’m wrong…but wasn’t he submerged in liquid for a solid 9 months in the beginning? His skin has forgotten, I guess.

It’s shameful how often my child is in costumes of some sort. He’s totally over it, too, as you can see.

But…costumes are a must. His first birthday party theme will be chosen strictly based on how cute the photo opportunities are. The pirate is definitely topping the list.

Taylor hid Buford in the puffs can which would have been awesome had the top of Buford’s head not resembled a cockroach at first glance.

B turned 9 months and decided to start standing for pictures. It’s how we do.

How do moms shop with their babies? They park them in front of the store’s TV. Duh.

This guy is a big fan of “adult” food. Such a big fan, this is how wide his mouth opens between bites. It’s cartoonish.

Uncle Jared letting Beckett draw. He’s single, y’all. And Beckett would like a third aunt. So…who’s in?

At his 9 month checkup, dude had to get his finger pricked and fill two vials of blood one drop at a time. He never made a peep. No whimper, no cry, nothing. It could have been the sugar coma from the sucker…or the fact that he’s a tough kid who’s more interested in pulling off the band-aid then being sad.
Someone in our family is struggling with a little older-brother syndrome.

Someone else in our family is beginning to get in touch with his dramatic side.

My favorite, though? My two boys sword-fighting with twigs in the front yard.
I am overwhelmed at how blessed I am by my little family.
It was a good May.

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