K Lew’s Worms & B-I-N-G-O

I’ve been silently bemoaning the fact that nothing horribly awkward has happened the past few weeks. We don’t usually go very long between embarrassing moments, but it’s been almost a month with nothing to report.

Of course we had the Costco incident – not the one where Beckett forever traumatized some impressionable elementary school girls with his diaper blowout (the kind where you wish you wouldn’t have put him in shorts, but maybe pants with an elastic band at the ankles to catch any shrapnel) – but another one:

Lady (smiling and looking at Beckett): Look at those hamster feet!
Taylor (loud enough for lady to hear): HAMSTER FEET?!
Me (whispering quickly): Teeth. Hamster teeth.
Taylor: Oh. Still. Hamster teeth?!
Me: Wait. Yea. Hamster teeth?!

People are weird.

Speaking of rodent mouths…

We have new teeth. Two top guys. They’re still a little scared of each other, if you notice the sizable gap between them.

K Lew’s Worms

Abilene 2009: I sat on the tailgate of Taylor’s truck eating a snow cone with my friend Katherine Lewis and I informed her that we would be friends forever. Once we graduated and moved away, no matter where we ended up, we’d keep in touch. She’s my soul friend. (Or was my soul friend until I found out about the 2,000 red worms she keeps in a tupperware container in her bedroom that “sound like Rice Krispies”, but that’s a story for another time*.)

She came in town this weekend for a concert and spent one night with us. We caught up on life – she told me about her social work job in end-of-life care, I told her about all the lame mom things I once mocked and now do with pride, we went to pick up my fruit and vegetable basket from the co-op we participate in, drove to Albertson’s to price their fruits and vegetables to make sure I was getting a good deal in said co-op (I am), walked to an estate sale being held in a storage shed that was full of creepy dolls and old how-to-sew-a(n ugly)-purse VHS tapes, and laughed. A lot. As usual.

She is easily in our top 3** favorite people ever. It was a great reuniting.

Except for the worm thing. The snap, crackle, pop imagery haunts me.

Worm Lady & B

*something about compost piles and saving the world..
**bribes welcomed


So, back to bemoaning the lack of weird events in recent life. Today we were back in our groove.

Mom and I hit up an antique store in a small town north of our house where – I cannot state this strongly enough – the most precious couple in the world works. As soon as we walked in the store, an older lady greeted us, told us her husband would show us around shortly, and thanked us sincerely for coming by. She was a gem.

We walked around, bought something, and were about to head out when her husband stopped us to talk to the wee one.

We went from talking about Beckett to talking about his kids then, without segue or warning, straight into an a capella, soulful rendition of B-I-N-G-O. Two choruses worth.

Here’s a flow chart to help:

Sometime after the final O in B-I-N-G-O (in all its fermata and one-octave-higher-than-the-rest-of-the-letters glory) and before I remembered I wanted to grab a watermelon Jolly Rancher out of the candy jar by the front door, it was all over. It ended as suddenly as it began.

It felt good to be serenaded by a precious old man with an obvious weak spot for nursery rhymes. I hope you can experience something similar this week.

By the way, in case you missed it, you should watch this video from last month:

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