Soul Patches & Tails

We have an action-packed week in the Brooks’ house. Yesterday my friend Candace (affectionately known as Auntie Candy by Beckett) and I had a delightfully horrible shopping experience during the torrential rainstorm, ate at a delish Mexican joint, and stayed up googling “staph infections” and “stretch marks” well into the night.

Tuesday, my mom comes in from Kansas. She’s scheduled to come anyway. There’s a good chance she’ll spontaneously combust before she even gets down here. She’s just a wee bit excited.

Wednesday is Ladies’ Bible Study, but more importantly – my brother’s birthday and Beckett’s 6 monthiversary.

It’s going to be a good one.

Here’s a few highlights from last week:

Soul Patches

I choose my friends strategically. I always opt for the funny folks whose friendship will benefit me somehow. I found the perfect friend in Aimee.

Aimee is one of those people who is incredibly likeable, friendly, funny, creative, wise, loving, hospitable… (Hey A – how much am I getting paid for this description again? Because I can keep going.) …and all-around super friend.

That said, she gave me a pack of 4 mustaches she found (as every good friend should) which I immediately put on my baby. It’s only natural.

I think my favorite part of this pack is either the tiny comb or the “Field Guide to Mustaches”.

Regardless…here are the results.

That is comedy at its best.


Mack “broke” his tail again. Yes, again.

Not only is he a super quirky mutt who possibly suffers from PTSD, but he has a history of tail sprainage.

I mean, of course I feel bad for him, but mostly I’m embarrassed to take him in public. No walks for him until this thing gets straightened out. 

Have you ever even heard of such a thing? It’s ridiculous.

For being the best dog ever to live, Mack sure is kind of a freak.

3 thoughts on “Soul Patches & Tails

  1. Christie

    Soul Patch was my fave… also, Sophie broke her tail once. It was so sad-but-funny to look at her. I think it happened when Levi left? I don’t remember, but there was some event that happened immediately beforehand that made me wonder if it was just doggie depression…


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