It’s the Little Things

…like having shoulders for your saggy cheeks to rest on.

…having an multipurpose ottoman: a place to rest weary feet, storage for an unnecessary amount of blankets, and a container for the fun-sized member of the family.

…realizing your husband has created impenetrable pillow barrier to confine your now-mobile child.

…telling your color-challenged spouse that the couches he has seen every day for decades are not brown, but red and green plaid.

…being glad an entire mug of coffee spilled in your car, forcing a much needed deep clean.

…wiping rice cereal from your eyebrows, complements of a baby sneeze mid-bite.

…pushing an empty stroller the last mile of a walk.

…watching both a dog and a baby startle each other (and themselves) by their farts.
…putting a baby in the exersaucer knowing full well it’ll result in a poosplosion. 

The little things in life can be very funny.

What little things have made you laugh recently?

One thought on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Fred's Mom

    LAUGHING at funny little 18 mo old Norah. When she first got here, she ran to the hi chair and jiggled it. When I didn’t go right there, she came to me and started pulling on my shirt. Then she got behind me and started pushing , so I moved forward a bit. She went back to the chair and started pulling it forward, then went behind it and started pushing it to me. Her little chair is strapped to the heavy oak dining chair…it was a big task for a hungry girl. Please don’t tell me I am mean, this is daycare. We are easily amused. She is very resourceful.


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