Southwest, Baby Socks, & Photoshoots

Ahh, Christmas. You were good to us this year. It’s too bad you didn’t stay around for very long.

Some noteworthiness first:
1. It’s my anniversary. I can honestly say I didn’t know the depth of Taylor’s greatness when I married him (that sounds weird), but the past 3 years have made me incredibly grateful for my best friend/husband/dad of B. So a happy big one to us.
2. Beckett is having a BOY COUSIN! We’re very excited. (You can follow Taylor’s sister and brother-in-law’s missions in Chile, as well as read up on the babe when he debuts here.)

Continuing on.

We spent Christmas Eve with Taylor’s family and Christmas day until New Years with my family in Kansas. I would say that “baby’s first Christmas” was a hit but, let’s be honest, Beckett had no idea what was happening. It was very fun for me, though, because I got to open his presents. (On a side note: if I ever find the lady whose voice is behind one of his new toys, I will injure her.)

We flew again, and Beckett was a champ. Luckily, I didn’t make mention of undressing with strangers this flight, but, in Sarah fashion, something embarrassing did happen.

It’s like people know I need good material for my blog. They set me up.


First, let me make mention of how much I love Southwest. As we were waiting at the gate to board our flight on Christmas morning, a few Southwest employees came by and gave all the kids a toy. I mean, that’s why they are the best.

The flight attendant on our flight to Kansas was super hilarious. My favorite part of her spiel* was this:

“There’s no smoking in the lavatory. There’s a $2,000 fine if you’re caught and if you wanted to spend that kind of money, you would have flown American.”
*I first tried “schpeel”. It looks more accurate to me.

Back to my story…

Baby Socks

I went into the bathroom to change the babe’s diaper on the way to the gate, and there was a super loud, very energetic airport employee talking to every single lady who went into the bathroom. She was spraying air-freshener that was “Christmas flavored” and making sure everyone was having a fabulous Christmas morning.

Fast forward past the diaper changing and walking to the gate…

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I see my bathroom attendant friend walking up to our gate with something in her hand. In an incredibly loud, ghetto voice she starts saying, “Is someone missin some baby socks? I have some baby socks from the baf-room. Someone’s baby isn’t wearing socks.”

As she holds the socks up, I realize they are Beckett’s. So, now that she has everyone’s attention at the gate and in the surrounding suburbs of Dallas, I raise my hand in confession as every eye within a 40 mile radius turns and looks at me.

This is the point where the airport employee casually walks over and hands me the socks, right? So one would think.

As she walks over to me, she continues in full-volume voice saying, “What kinda momma are you – yo baby don’t have socks on. You left yo baby’s socks in the baf-room. That po’ baby has cold feet.”

At this point, another lady at our gate is obviously as uncomfortable as I am because she starts bailing me out. She points out that my baby does in fact have socks on, and those were probably an extra pair. She was correct.

After an eternity of awkwardness (around 15 seconds or so), the baf-room lady finally stopped playfully chastising me, smiled really big, and wished me a Merry Christmas.

I don’t get embarrassed easily, but my cheeks were on fire after that one. It’s one thing to embarrass just me; it’s another thing to publicly question my ability to sock my child. I’m glad CPS wasn’t waiting at the KCI airport.


If you have some moral stance against incredibly handsome babies, you should probably exit now. There’s about to be an overload of pictures.

My dad is an excellent photographer so we took time in Kansas for a mini photoshoot for Sir B.

Dressing a baby is as much fun (if not more) than I ever imagined. Until he can fight back or tell me otherwise, I will continue having “costume changes” as frequently as I’d like.

Without further ado, may I present the Beck in all his glory (does that phrase normally mean naked? If so, that’s not what I meant. Carry on.):

It may benefit you to know that his dad is a CPA. That 10-key action makes Taylor proud.

That’s all of the photoshoot. This one is a bonus for your enjoyment:

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