Facial Mask, Solids, & Movin’

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Facial Masks

Why, yes, my pores are extra clean. Thanks for noticing.

You may wonder what mask I used to create such a youthful appearance. Let me just tell you…

I was watching my favorite daytime talk show the other day (judge me if you must) where a beauty expert was sharing do-it-yourself home beauty tips.

One such tip was to apply glue (Elmer’s or the equivalent) to your face, let it dry, peel it off, and voila! perfectly clean pores.

Since I had a few minutes to myself with the Beck sleeping soundly, I decided to give it a go.

…only I didn’t have Elmer’s glue. I had Elmer’s sister, “Craft Bond” glue.

You probably see where this is going, so before you come to your own conclusions about me, I’ll help you out:

I’m a moron.

I realized there was going to be a problem when, after applying the “mask” to my face with my hands, the glue not only stuck to my fingers after rinsing them, but began bonding everything else in sight to them. Towel fuzz, dust, cotton balls… you name it.

So if it wasn’t coming off my fingers…obviously my face had also become an adhesive trap for every dust particle within a 20 mile radius.

I tell you what – that craft bond glue is a doozy.

The next 30 minutes or so was a panicked frenzy of cursing myself, laughing at how stupid I was, attempting to remove the glue with every cleaning product in sight, drying my face with toilet paper, realizing how stupid using toilet paper was since my face was then covered in a fine white powder, Googling “how to remove craft glue from skin”, deciding I was too embarrassed to ever blog about this, singing at the top of my lungs to calm a freshly-woken Beckett in the other room…

Fast-forward 72 hours: the glue is finally gone, my nose is severely chapped from the very unhealthy products I used on it, and I finally decided to blog about it.

My mom said, “Do you just do stupid stuff when you run out material for your blog?” The answer is no. Luckily for anyone remotely entertained, this idiotic behavior comes naturally.

You know what’s kind of awesome, though? My pores are VERY clean. This is most likely due to my using everything short of bleach to remove the glue…but still, a small win.

The myriad of products:

Solids & Movin’

In other news…

Beckett boy is eating. And moving. It’s been a big week for us.

He started eating cereals a few weeks ago and is rocking it out.

Little champ, right there.
He’s also begun to army-crawl/drag himself across the floor. 
He’s already very disobedient. I’ve strictly forbidden him from learning new things that make him grow up. Shows how much he listens to me.
He also thinks pigs snorting is hilarious. View with caution. You may pass out from cuteness overload.

2 thoughts on “Facial Mask, Solids, & Movin’

  1. Christie

    1. The products that ended up becoming part of your facial are reminiscent of the smorgasbord of cleaners I needed for my hair after Bid Night. I laughed out loud when you said you used Craft Bond glue – and after the 7th period I just had, that’s a feat (laughter/happiness in general). I wish some of them would Craft Bond their mouths shut. Or their butts to the chairs.
    2. Good boy Beckett! Teeth will be coming soon…


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