Annoying Spouses & {Current} Favs

Let first me mention a text I sent this week:
(blue = me)
My lack of real exercise is astounding.
Annoying Spouses

A cyberfriend of mine (I claim her, regardless of if she claims me) recently blogged about things she does to annoy her husband. I knew I had to blog about it too, because I love annoying Taylor. It’s kind of a twisted hobby.

My top 5 current ways to annoy him:

1. Scare him.

Holy moly this is funny. I’m admittedly unfair in this, because I’m the only one who is allowed to scare the other. He scared me once while I was showering and I silently wept (AD fans – think never-nude scene featuring Tobias Funke). That was the end of that.

2. Explain obvious jokes.

This is even annoying for me to do, let alone for him to endure. I normally start off with, “You see, that’s funny because…” followed with something stupid like “elephants don’t fly” or “babies can’t talk” depending on the joke at hand.

3. Excessive vibrato.

Well, maybe I should broaden that to obnoxious, loud singing in general. I can’t stop. My current pick is “Check On It” (as in the 2005 Beyonce classic) while dancing as unattractively as possible.

4. Sneak requests.

No one likes being the recipient of the “Hey – while you’re in the kitchen, can you grab me a Coke?” question, unless the delivery of the question makes you laugh. It eases the burden.

My default is staring wide-eyed at Taylor’s chair and saying things like, “uh oh…what is that? Get up really fast!” or “There’s something on your pants…stand up real quick.” followed shortly by, “Hey – since you’re up, can you get me a Coke?”


5. Stitch voice.

Stitch, as in Lilo & Stitch. I love talking like him. Or singing like him. Or reading entire books to Beckett like him. Really anything to make Taylor laugh despite how hard he tries not to.

{Current} Favs

Aside from being intentionally obnoxious (just tryin to have a healthy marriage here, people) might I also recommend a few, or all, of the following current favs in the Brooks household:

Temple Run

It’s our new favorite iPhone game. Play at your own risk.

Hidden in my Heart

If you have a wee one, this is such a great album. It’s a “lullaby journey through scripture”. It’s awesome music for Beckett and I both. Buy it. Now.

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy

This book is awesome…all 600+ pages of it. Incredible man.

Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay

As you can imagine, this is quite a different read than the Bonhoeffer book. It’s a hilarious and candid account of a new mom. Funny stuff.


You had to have known he’d make the list. Sometime between my last post and now, my tiny baby has turned into a little boy – attitude and all (if you can even imagine my child having an attitude). He’ll be 5 months on Sunday. 5 whole months. Almost half a year.

So…here he is giggling. Disregard my voice in the background. (Related: do I really have that deep of a voice?) Also, sorry it awkwardly cuts off. We had technical difficulties.

 I’m always looking for other current favs…what suggestions might you have?

5 thoughts on “Annoying Spouses & {Current} Favs

  1. Nedra

    Anytime you ask, my current fav will be Beckett boy. Laughing, crying, talking, sleeping…it doesn’t matter. This holds true until the next grandchild comes along, when my favs list will mysteriously grow exponentially.

  2. Berry Fam

    Holy cow, Beckett is the cutest little boy EVER!!!!!! I will now watch that giggle video whenever I feel a little blue. Oh, and you are quite the silly one dear friend! You make me smile!

    1. Sarah Brooks

      Yes! Thank goodness we’re off the Beckett topic (for a second…it’s in my motherly contract to venture back quickly). It is awesome. Taylor and I may or may not have spent last Friday night competing against each other. So great.


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