A few outtakes for your Thursday giggles.

Delivery Room

Just one of those precious moments, waiting to meet my son.


And another. Just a special, special time.

Note the sweet scene happening with my husband and his parents, then note that I am scarfing down a hoagie or something in the background.

Beckett (gone squishy)

Even though we have the world’s cutest baby, he has been known to take a few bad pictures.

There are entirely too many chins and lips going on.

This will be shown on his wedding day.

This one, too.
Christmas card fail. First off, Beckett’s hat is entirely too small. And then there’s the pup: terrified, silly ole Mack. All around fail.
I had one more for this segment but I felt too bad. It’s that unfortunate. Plus, I’ve got to save a few for future blackmail.
Monthly Photoshoots
Today is B’s 4 month…birthday? (He turns 4 months today.)
Yesterday we took our monthly photo shoot. He snuck in a few great faces.

It went better than last month. If you remember, the 3 month shoot was a bit scary.

My favorite part of the monthly photos is obviously seeing how much Beckett grows each month, but also his interactions with the lion.

We go from “no one is home” to “nom nom nom” within a span of 4 months:

Hilarious. Almost as hilarious as my favorite of this month’s photos. If this doesn’t make you happy, there might not be any hope.

And done. 
For now. 
Don’t think I don’t have a folder on my desktop called “Ugly Faces” for posts such as this, because I do.

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