One year later.

It was one year ago, today.

I stayed home from work, mostly because I didn’t want to go in, but also because I had a smidgen of illness on the side. Like, maybe, a sniffle. Or two. …ok so it was mostly because I didn’t want to work.

The morning went quite nicely – what with the 3 movies I watched in bed before my feet even hit the floor. The moment I decided to drive to Target to buy pregnancies tests “because I’d never taken one and that’s what married people do periodically” is when things got crazy.

Fast forward: two positive tests later, I was nearly hyperventilating as I called Taylor in Amarillo to tell him.

Well, and then I confirmed, yet again, at a walk-in clinic. (You know, the one where the lady inadvertently called me fat.)

That was one year ago, today. The day I couldn’t possibly imagine being a mom.

One year later, this little booger has completely turned our life upside down:

It’s painful how cute he is, isn’t it?

In the past year, I have:

  • eaten my body weight in Arby’s
  • barely survived one of the hottest summers on record
  • lost objects under my belly: a dinner napkin, tv remote, phone
  • experienced the tragedy of suicide
  • yelled at a librarian 
  • moved to a neighborhood full of lovable crazies
  • lost my job 
  • hosted a Sex Party
  • gotten in a wreck with a “thing
  • narrowly escaped a goat attack
  • birthed an 8 pound baby
  • eaten 3lbs of Jelly Bellies in one week
  • spent a couple days in a NICU waiting room
  • sang “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” as a duet
  • stuck mustaches on my child’s face until he wept
  • gotten scammed by a high school girl and her “cookie fundraiser”
  • hated cancer
  • found baby poop in unimaginable places around the house
  • cried a whole lot
  • laughed even more
  • made at least 27 new mom friends
  • joined an incredible women’s Bible study
  • considered giving members of my immediate family away 
  • read in the car in the driveway to keep the babe sleeping
  • almost peed my pants waiting for the babe to wake up while I read in the car in the driveway
  • dug through barf at Walmart
  • harmonized with Baby Einstein at the top of my lungs
  • appreciated and loved my husband deeply and in more ways than I can count
  • fallen madly, stupidly in love with a chubby-cheeked, blue-eyed boy named Beckett
  • begun to really grasp the overwhelming, unconditional love of God for his children

    I totally didn’t see my year going this route, but I can’t tell you how thankful I am that it did. (A small reminder that God is in control, not me.) I could have gone without a few of those experiences – 3lbs of jelly beans, really? – but I can’t imagine being any more blessed than I am today with my little family of 4 (yes, I still include my dog).

    I don’t have a good segue, so here’s our Christmas card. Enjoy.

    …and make your own 2011 list. I want to read about your highs, lows, and lowers (your “Arby’s” if you will).

      2 thoughts on “One year later.

      1. Justin Livingston

        Sarah – this was beautiful! Isn’t it funny how the little building blocks in life can construct one hell of a magnificent mountain? You’re still the goofy amazing girl I called a best friend. Miss you bunches and, off the record, Beckett IS indeed the cutest baby on Earth. Gerber Baby contract, anyone??


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