Well-being & Sleepyface

A Beckett post. (What else did you expect?)


On the well-being of my son…

If I sat down and thought about all the ways Beckett could be injured, scarred for life, or miss an opportunity to learn something, I would go i-n-s-a-n-e. Clinically insane.

So, I don’t think about it. I just do the best I can.

I have to trust that the church nursery ladies won’t leave him in the corner and fail to notice if he falls unconscious, or that his skin won’t melt off when I bathe him more frequently than suggested, or that letting him sleep in his crib before the age of 2 won’t result in trust issues.

That doesn’t mean I don’t check the nursery pager about 58 times during church, lotion the heck out of his skin to keep it attached, and make sure he’s breathing in his crib at least every 30 minutes.

It’s easy to be uptight as a new parent. But that’s way too stressful and not enough fun.

I had the chance in high school and college to experience life in other cultures, which has probably helped me be a bit calmer, like my visit to Ukraine where I held orphan babies who rarely had skin-to-skin contact, or the time I spent in Ghana with twin boys who were put in boiling water by their mom to remove demons.

Yea…I’m pretty sure everything will turn out fine for my son. Even if I don’t wash his clothes in Dreft. (Ohhh the nerve.)


Not to make a ridiculous and absolute statement, but my baby really is the cutest baby ever.* (Ever!)

…until he sleeps. Then I’ll pass the baton.

Exhibit A:

I have no words.

Is that even my baby on the upper-left??

Recently, we’ve made some progress to overcome the state of being witnessed above.

Exhibit B:

Aside from the fact that he still looks a little stressed out while he’s sleeping, it’s a much more normal (and cute) sleepy face. Props to you, little one.

*honorable mention to my friend Christie and her baby, Knox

Booonuussssss (heading to be sung, not read)

As we depart, let us all enjoy this:

That’s right. Baby cowboy boots. My little Texan.

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