Spooky Hymns & Spooky Costumes

In regards to my recent post about odd holiday traditions, I apparently meant “birdshot”, not “buckshot”. I still maintain that neither is normal to find in Thanksgiving food.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…on to a spooky post.

Spooky Hymns

Have you heard the hymn “They’ll Know We Are Christians/We Are One in the Spirit“?

I heard it for the first time recently.

It’s very creepy. Creepy enough that I publicly claim it as my theme song if I am ever put in charge of organizing a religious human sacrifice. (I don’t foresee this being a possibility, obviously due to my lack of credentials in the area, but stranger things have happened.)

Just listen to it and tell me you don’t envision naked people dancing around a fire during their Christian cult gathering. If you still don’t think it’s creepy, try this version. An organ can make anything sound scary.

Did you sing hymns as a child that seemed perfectly normal that now creep you out as an adult?

Spooky Costumes

I’ve never really been a Halloweener. (Did I just call myself a weiner? Oops.) Most of the time it’s a holiday for normally dressed girls to get super skanked up. It’s sort of like prom. Girls who never wore short skirts or low-cut shirts all the sudden show up in dresses they had to be melted down and poured into.

I do love the candy aspect. A whole holiday centered around getting tooth-decaying amounts of candy? I’ll take it.

I’ll also take the infant costumes that come with the territory. Since I have my own real-life baby doll to dress up this year, I can’t help but be enamored with tiny costumes.

They’re so funny, but so creepy at the same time. See for yourself…

 A…taco? Wrap? Burrito? This makes me laugh way too hard.

Lobster. That baby is lovin life.

 Nacho Libre. Awesome expression to go along with it.


 Sushi roll. Always a classic.

This might be my favorite ever.
And then of course there’s the matching dog and baby costume I’ve been waiting for an eternity to put on Mack and Beckett:

Funny side note: unbeknownst to me, Beckett’s costume glows in the dark. I found this out when I turned out the lights and witnessed a tiny skeleton take over what used to be a full-fleshed Beckett’s crib. 
Then there’s the monster outfit I got from Target. As it turns out, this monster is very hard to photograph. 
This time of the year reminds me of last Halloween when Taylor and I had the most embarrassing moment of our married life. A costume failure of epic proportions. You should read about it here.

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