Firsts, Schedules, & Steve Chan


We’ve had a week of firsts.

I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. It is a proven fact that the fall season will not commence until Starbucks begins offering this heavenly beverage again. Welcome, fall.

We had our first Cowboys game watching party of the year which also entails Mack’s first time wearing his dog football jersey. (By “party” I mean 3 of our friends came over.)

 He’s gained a little neck weight since last season…

Other than the first celebrations of fall this past week, we’ve had other firsts:

First month of life completed. Congrats to Beckett.

He’s still a little unsure how he feels about this.

First night to sleep 6 hours straight. (!)

First craft time since baby was born.

“Craft” might be used loosely there.

First time to catch ourselves doing something embarrassing as parents, i.e. singing a duet of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” at full volume. I was in charge of the “yeehaw”. A little piece of me dies as I type this.

First really big smile session.

First time to ever use these words:

It’s still too soon for me to open up about this. It’s just too difficult.


Some people lose pregnancy weight pretty quickly. I’d imagine it’s because they can’t find time to eat. Mine’s holding on pretty well, probably due to our current schedule:

2:00 pm: Put Beckett in swing and proceed to kitchen for lunch. Get out healthy and quick frozen dinner.

2:01 pm:  Leave kitchen to console fussing baby. Doesn’t like swing. Move to pack n’ play.

2:05 pm: Back to kitchen. Heat frozen dinner in microwave.

2:06 pm: Leave kitchen to console fussing baby. Doesn’t like pack n’ play. Move to vibrating bouncer.

2:13 pm: Back to kitchen. Get frozen dinner from microwave. Begin to eat.

2:16 pm:  Leave kitchen to console fussing baby. Diaper blowout all over vibrating bouncer, baby, and mom. Change baby, throw bouncer cover in wash, change own clothes. Put baby in pack n’ play.

2:30 pm: Back to kitchen. Reheat frozen dinner that is now cold. Begin to eat.

2:33 pm: Hear baby cry. Grab bag of cookies for sustenance on way to console fussing baby.

2:40 pm: Bag of cookies eaten in entirety.

Moral? Buy healthy cookies.

Steve Chan Oh

Speaking of firsts, I got to talk to our friend Steve Oh for the first time in a while. He is our Korean friend (and one of Taylor’s roommates) from college. 

He went back to Korea for his army duty, but is now coming back to the States in December.

Something you should know about Steve is that he gave us the best present ever for our wedding…

He showed up to our rehearsal dinner with a stereo, a CD, and a microphone, telling us he had a “surprise” for us. At this point we’re freaking out just a bit. You would too if your surprise included a Korean holding a microphone intended for large audiences.

When it came time, Steve made a speech about how he wanted to give us a gift that also shared some of his culture’s wedding practices so, naturally, he busted out with this:

At first it was very funny (Lion King song? Hilariously unexpected.) but by the end everyone in the room was ready to give him a standing ovation. It was the best present we got.

I wish the video was clearer so you could see his super shiny suit. He is always one to show up in style.

Steve Chan – we can’t wait to have you back!

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