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Taylor here. Now I’m not much of a writer, and I’m almost certain that I was born without the right side of my brain because I don’t have one ounce of creativity. Works great being an accountant. Not so much for blogging. However, on this day in 1987, the most magnificent thing happened; my beautiful wife was born. So, impossible as it may be, it is my endeavor to put in words how blessed I am to be sharing life with this most wonderful woman.

As you have probably figured out by now if you frequent this blog, Sarah and I are basically complete opposites. She’s creative, I am not. She’s extroverted, I’m introverted. She’s very funny, I’m mildy funny (and even then only sometimes). The list goes on. Our relationship puts meaning to the saying that “opposites attract”. Even still, she’s had my heart since the very first time we met. I still don’t really understand how it happened and I’ve quit trying to figure it out, but for some reason, this incredible woman has decided to spend the rest of her life with me. For that, I am ever blessed.

It is rare that a man has the opportunity to share life with a woman that is an unending inspiration. Because of her, I wake up every single day wanting to be a better man. That alone is a testament to the woman she is and how lucky I am. With her, my world is truly complete and nothing else matters. Sure, life can be hard. Money in fact does not grow on trees! But none of that matters, because with her, I have everything. Because of that, I will never want or need. I’m eternally sated. That’s a blessing that can’t be described any other way.

I heard this song for the first time a few months ago and made Sarah listen to it. She of course, didn’t react! However, she just recently discovered the same song and now loves it (I keep trying to tell her I found it first!). Anyway, I love the words in the song because they do a great job of describing how wonderful life is knowing you have found that one person to spend it with. Below is an excerpt that is particularly consistent with my feelings about my one love!

“Well, everything about you, inside and out is perfect
Over the edge I always fall
Every time I see you, the way I feel reminds me
The world I knew just seems so small 
‘Cause now with you I have it all.”
If you have time today, take a second and tell Sarah how lucky you are to know someone so special.
To Sarah –¬†
Your birthday is most certainly more meaningful to me than it is to you. It was on this day 24 years ago that God sent you to this world. Even though I was only 1 year and 2 days old at the time and wouldn’t even meet you for another 18 years, I will never be given a better gift than I was given on that day. I love you dearly and thank God every day for you. I hope you birthday is fantabulous!

2 thoughts on “Guest Speaker

  1. Nedra

    Sarah, you are indeed a precious gift. Happy birthday!
    Taylor, we prayed for you on that day 24 years ago, and are so thankful God brought you and Sarah together. We love you both beyond words.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, Taylor. For being a man who doesn’t like to blog or write, you did an incredible job.
    Sarah, your mother and I felt total elation when you were born (that’s after getting over the shock of the Dr. saying, “It’s big boy shoulders. Oh….It’s a big girl.”) You have been a delight to us and are a light to others showing them how to enjoy life and how to live in light of God’s presence.
    Your mother and I love and Taylor so much. (Okay, I’ll throw Mack in there as well.) We are excited about the soon-to-be addition to the family and know we will love Beckett so much. Consider yourselves hugged. Dad


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