Missing: One Nursery Inhabitant

With approximately 2-5 weeks to go, we finally have our nursery all put together and ready for action. All we’re missing is one Beckett Brooks to occupy this new space.

My mom spent a few days here helping me run around town to make all the final purchases for the nursery, and it finally all came together.

It still hasn’t seemed real that I’m about to have a baby…even during the showers, setting up the nursery, etc. It wasn’t until I started packing my diaper bag and Taylor’s manly backpack (that happens to have diapers in it) that it hit me. I mean…this is coming up really soon. Yikes.

The verdict is still out on how our dog will handle the new arrival. Since he’s somewhat of a scaredy-dog (and by somewhat I mean he’s the biggest pansy in the animal kingdom), he’s already terrified of the giant stuffed animal, rocker/glider, baby swing, and diaper packages. Only we would adopt a special needs dog, but we love him dearly.

Anyway, enough dialogue. Here is Sir Beckett’s nursery:

We were on a serious budget while we decorated the nursery, so I researched some crafty things we could do ourselves. The mobile, painted trees, and framed verse cost $10 or less each to make. Craftiness is a highly recommended to save money. Even if you aren’t crafty, look at blogs and copy their ideas. That’s crafty in its own way.

I found the verse above his crib and loved it. Funny story…most people choose verses of the “for this child I have prayed” variety, but we honestly had no idea little B would be making an appearance so I felt weird using those.

Instead, I wanted a verse from the get-go that reminded him of his identity and of whose he is. I’m not really sure how this whole “parenting” thing will work out for us, but I do know that God has shaped, loved, and planned for our baby boy. Hopefully we won’t mess him up too bad. Even if we do, he is only on loan to us so it’ll all work out.

Below is the blanket for the crib bedding. I mean, how cute is it?! I never actually saw it in person, so I was pleasantly surprised at how cute it actually is.

This is where many a poop will be cleaned up and many a book will be read. Those little green book shelves are from Ikea – $7 a pop. Great place to look for cheap, cute stuff!

…and then the closet. It’s just too bad the kid won’t have a thing to wear.

We have been ridiculously blessed by all of our friends and families over the past 8 months, but especially at the showers we had recently. The love we felt was incredibly overwhelming (and very humbling). We couldn’t be more grateful.

In case anyone is wondering, we have a little over 35 days until the deadline. Deadline = Due Date. I’ve given Beckett the option of an early arrival, but a deadline of no later than August 25th. We’ll see how obedient he is.

6 thoughts on “Missing: One Nursery Inhabitant

  1. Teresa

    Awesome! Looks designer to me – no one would know you were on a tight budget if you hadn’t mentioned it! Great work Sarah and Nedra! Beckett is one blessed boy!

  2. Lisa Culkin

    The nursery looks awesome!!! Props to you for the crafty stuff, you did an amazing job. And the verse is perfect. I’m probably going to steal your idea of the bookshelves from Ikea later :). Beckett is one lucky fellow! Parenting is quite a challenge at the beginning… I’m finally getting used to it and Brooklyn is 5.5 weeks old. I can’t believe your deadline is so soon! Can’t wait to see pictures of your little man!


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