Sex Party!

Well, technically, it’s a {finding out the} Sex Party, also known as a “Gender Reveal Party”. We had a lot of fun with the name. My friend commented on how she and her husband were invited to a sex party where there were married couples, single adults, a minister, and a lab-mix.

We invited all of our family and a few of our close friends to our gathering, via the invitation below. I wish we could have invited a lot more people, but our little house isn’t the best venue for large groups of people.

By the way, don’t get your heart set on people showing up in blue or pink. Half of the boys we invited (Taylor’s friends – I blame him) didn’t show up in either color.

We decorated in pink and blue (and some yellow and green).

I also hung a few of the funny onesies I’d already gotten as gifts for the baby – regardless if it were a boy or girl.

For food, I put a table-full of my cravings out for everyone to enjoy. Delicacies included: Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, Cheetos (puff variety), spicy nacho Doritos, Reese’s Pieces, Teddy Grahams, and diet strawberry limeades from Sonic.

When people first came in, I had them vote on their favorite names and whether they thought it was a boy or a girl.

I also had them fill out 4 different cards with various questions for us to share with baby B one day:

  1. If Mack could talk, a few things he’d tell you about living here would be…
  2. To be a blend of your mom and dad, be prepared for:
  3. Something embarrassing you should know about your parents is…
  4. A few things you need to know about our family and friends are:

In the middle of the card table, I put a vase with pink and blue Reese’s eggs with a note that said:

No one really guessed the gender based on the candy alone, but I sure did enjoy eating the Reese’s later.

Once everyone had made their guesses and filled out the cards, we went through about 20 wive’s tales to determine if baby was a boy or a girl. I had both grandmas, my mom (Jojo) and Taylor’s mom (Brooksie), read the questions. Based on the ridiculous criteria, Finley won by 1.

Finally – reveal time! I had baked cupcakes earlier in the day and filled them with blue pudding. Once we gave everyone the go-ahead, they all got a cupcake and bit into it to find out that baby B was a BOY!

Of course, the grandmas surprised us with outfits they’d already bought for both genders – just in case.

From Brooksie:

From Jojo:

Overall, it was a lot of fun (for me at least). Plus, the food was AWESOME. I mean…all of my cravings on one table = heaven.

Papa Curt and Pop with Taylor:

Everyone else…

I put Mack in a pink shirt so he could vote for Finley (she was running low on votes). The shirt only lasted about 5 minutes until he went outside and peed on the bottom of it.

Next step: what will his name be?!

13 thoughts on “Sex Party!

  1. Theresa

    What a cute party! Congrats on having a boy! I’m surprised Owen didn’t get any votes- that was my favorite. Best wishes with the name hunt!

    1. Anonymous

      What website or program did you use? I love them. My husband and I were actually talking about finding some like them and then I saw your blog.


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