Angry Hispanics, 30 Minute Floods, and Saving Lives

“No Truck for YOU!”

When I was training for my halfsie recently, I would run through this one neighborhood pretty regularly. One day, I passed a truck that had a hand-written sign on it that was begging to be read. I stopped to snoop, and saw the message below:

I mean, seriously?? How lucky is this guy? This lady just stops by and offers to buy a truck that has no For Sale sign on it. At this point in the story, Taylor goes, “I’m going to park my truck over there.” Ha!

Then comes the good part.

I run through this neighborhood a good 3 weeks later and see the same tr uck sitting outside the same house, with a new note. I stop to snoop yet again and this is what I see…

…which apparently means “This truck is not for sale so please don’t stop and ask.” Funny, huh?? Nothing like a little neighborhood tension.

I think the clip art makes all the difference on the sign.

30 Minute Floods

Last week when I stayed home work (and met Cheryl) we had a randomly short torrential rainstorm. I really thought we were pulling a Nashville, but luckily it let up and the massive amounts of water dissipated. Before it ended, I drove around and took pictures to send to Taylor. Look at the before and after photos below – crazy!

The road above was completely closed off…in case you can’t tell.

And this is Bob Eden Park…

These photos are terrible quality, but you get the gist. The craziest part is that all the water was gone by dinner time.

Saving Lives

Our D Group (11th graders at church) met for the first time this year on Sunday. First off, I love my D Group so much. Second off, all 11th grade visitors to our group think I’m in high school. One day that will be a compliment. For now, it’s just…funny.

We watched a movie called, “To Save a Life” that our discussions will be based on for the year. It was a really intense movie that covered about every topic a high school kid deals with.

It covered:

  • Teen suicide
  • Cutting
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Alcohol (Beer Pong, specifically)
  • Drugs
  • Parent’s divorcing
  • Struggling with faith
  • Fake Christians

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I highly recommend the movie to any and every person. The best part about the movie is that I didn’t even know it was “Christian” until about halfway through. Kirk Cameron-style movies are almost always on the terrible side (bless his heart) but this was surprisingly well made.

Plus, no need to rent multiple movies to talk to your teens about big issues. Buy this one and you’ll be able to cover every topic in a 2 hour span.

Reading List

My top books for you this month:

  1. Half the Sky (Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide): Really really really really powerful, but very graphic. Great detail about women in the world being oppressed. A must read.
  2. Reason for God: Exxxcceeelllleeennnntttt book for critics of God/religion/Jesus/whatever. I had to read every paragraph about 5 times to understand, but Tim Keller presents an air-tight case for God.
  3. Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Rob Bell book that our small group is reading. He facilitates a great thought process about America, a new Exodus, and how we can be (and see) Jesus today.

One thought on “Angry Hispanics, 30 Minute Floods, and Saving Lives

  1. M&M plus 1

    Lol! What would make it more funny is if the person who wrote the note was not Hispanic and simply wrote it in Spanish to further discourage any interest in his/her truck.

    Oh we loved the movie too! Maher found out about it online and we bought the DVD when it first came out. I’m glad word is getting around about it!


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