Facebook invites, Myrtle, & Valentine’s

As I logged onto Facebook today, I experienced the ever-present guilt trip when I checked my event and group invitations. Have you ever received the “Pray for John Smith’s left leg” or “If 10,000 people join this group, my friend will become a Christian” invitations on Facebook? It doesn’t matter if it is a hoax, if you know the person, or if you are actually going to participate in the group, you have to accept. It is your Christianly duty to accept anything with “prayer” or “Jesus” in the title. Is anyone else guilted into these groups or do you have the strength to ignore?

A dear friend of mine passed on this week. Her name was Myrtle and we spent a solid 7 years together. We exceeded speed limits, squealed tires at green lights, did donuts in parking lots…oh the memories. She has been replaced by a Ford Edge (name TBD).

And, no, it doesn’t look like a station wagon so don’t even say so.

The car did, however, save us on Valentine’s Day presents. When you buy something as big as a new car, you make it fit as a gift for whatever holiday is up next. Luckily, our purchase coincided nicely with V-Day. For dinner, Taylor and I made a fabulous dinner. Because I like you, I am including 3 fantastic recipes. Enjoy!

And finally, something for the road. I put this on Twitter, but it’s still good:

“Be slow to pray. Praying puts us at risk of getting involved with God’s conditions. Praying most often doesn’t get us what we want but what God wants, something quite at variance with what we conceive to be in our best interests.”

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