Names, Elves, & Presents

It’s CHRISTMAS WEEK! You may wonder what I’m doing all week. Working until Friday, of course. Taylor gets tomorrow and Thursday off. Boo on him.

I met a girl today named Victroia. Her name is pronounced “Victoria” but her parents misspelled it at birth and never had it changed. Tragic. It reminds me though of a few lovelies I met in Memphis. First, the employee of the month at Wendy’s by my high school – Bea Hooker. Second, another employee at a fast food joint – Fredlicia. Another is too embarrassing to say in mixed company (but ask me later because it is really really funny).

In honor of the season, I’d like to offer you a virtual Christmas card from our family. Even if you’d made your own of these videos, you must watch it to see Mack’s talent.

My two favorite Christmas tweets (ie updates on Twitter – I hope all of you know that) from this week:

@badbanana – I’m at that “pay exorbitant shipping fees and hope for delivery by Christmas” or “convert to Judaism” fork in the road

@prodigaljohn – Dear pastors, let’s promise each other we won’t do the “see you at Easter” joke today to the Christmas crowd.

We had our ugly sweater Christmas party on Saturday which was super fun. I didn’t take any pictures and the girls that did…well…they need to get on the ball uploading them to Facebook. Here’s just a little sneak peak. Mack was embarrassed.

I wore this into the store on the way to the party and this man said, “well Merrrrrry Christmas!!!” I felt like an idiot and almost tripped over my heels on the way back out.

I think we are officially ready for Friday – presents purchased and wrapped and under the tree. I had no idea how stressful shopping would become for two families. Not only do I have to buy for my own family with my own money (terrible concept) but I am not buying for my in-laws. I don’t like being the wife that buys all the presents. I would like Taylor to buy some so we can split the blame if people hate their gifts. Right now, the blame lies solely on me and my buying decisions.

Since it is our first Christmas, I also decided to go all out and buy fancy wrapping paper. I’m not going to lie – my presents were B-E-A-utiful. Apparently though, the airline can’t see through pretty foil paper and might unwrap the presents in your checked luggage. Of course.

Did you know that you can track Santa on Christmas Eve?

2 thoughts on “Names, Elves, & Presents

  1. Michael James Gossett

    A friend of mine met a worker at McDonald’s with “Lady Nasty” written on her nametag. When he asked her if her name were really Lady Nasty, she looked at him, rolled her eyes, and said “It’s LaDynasty.”

    Merry Christmas Brooks-es.

  2. Anonymous

    I am pretty sure that my heart skipped a beat when i found this blog link on Sarahs fb page. I have not stopped smiling since i have been on this page. You guys are hilarious! You all are truly a presence that is missed at school but i am so happy and excited to see what God has for the both of you. Ive added you to my weekly blog reads and i guess i have alot of catching up to do until the next update haha. Love you guys! And Happy New Years!

    Johnathan King


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