Meat, Sweaters, & Creatine

Even though I am a marketer and somewhat of a salesperson by nature, I fall for sales pitches quicker than anything. The “friendly salesman” is the one that gets me. He sells like a friend, and I always like a good friend. I thought I was bad, but I’d like to introduce everyone to my husband, Taylor.

Here is what Taylor was sold on yesterday:

Yep – a year’s supply of meat.

This used to be our freezer. Now it’s strictly a meat locker.

How did this happen?

I’ll tell you.

Some guy in our complex is a door-to-door meat salesman. He came to our door, asked if he could come in, and began unloading carton after carton of steaks, crab legs, chicken breasts, etc. I knew we were in trouble when Taylor saw the gigantic NY strips, but then the “friendly salesman” proceeds to tell us that he’s good friends with the Dallas Cowboy’s player who lives in our complex and how he frequently gets free tickets to the games. Taylor’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and it was over from there. We are now the proud owners of 60 steaks, 90 breasts (lucky guy), and more fish and shrimp than the Atlantic. Anyone want to come for dinner?

We’re having an ugly sweater Christmas party on Saturday and we found the best sweaters ever. I felt like a terrible person looking for “hilarious sweaters” right beside the lady already wearing an ugly sweater and shopping for more. If you are in a pinch and can’t find an ugly sweater for your upcoming party, feel like a jerk for asking the clerks where the “ugly section” is, or just don’t want to leave the house – there’s an entire website designed for finding such treasures: The Ugly Sweater Store.

Some of my friends are now having children (which makes me a little queasy) but I feel like it’s never too early to be logging away ideas, wisdom, information, etc. about being a parent. This is the first idea I will put into my Mommy Box: Speak in an obscure language to ensure your child’s awkwardness. That’s just my box though. Taylor has his own idea box filled with visions of the perfect dad: Creatine Dad.

We’re about to head to the high school Christmas play at RHCC. We started working with the 10 graders at church and we are mildly obsessed with it. It makes us feel way cooler than we are. We even get to go on mini service projects once a month to a low-income area of Fort Worth. I love it because it teaches them – and us – how many people need help right in our area. No need to travel far and wide looking. (Funny side note about that trip: all the kids we played with were fantastic, except for the minister’s kid. Dude was a steel-toed boot wearing punk who kicked Taylor in the shins…twice.)

Recommended book of the week: The Shack by William P. Young. Let’s discuss it over coffee.

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