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I almost forgot my login. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve blogged..and for the record, this one will not be about trends. Maybe tomorrow. I used to like blogging (and probably blogged too much at one time) but it sure a slippery slope to laziness. If you aren’t intentional, it doesn’t happen. Twitter became my micro-blogging and most of what I have to say could be said in 160 characters or less anyway. My new goal for my blog is to become the next Pioneer Woman.

In order to be the next her, I’d have to:
-Go up about 10 degrees in funniness
-Learn to cook…well. Not just cook.
-Become miraculously brilliant at photography and photoshop
-Live on a ranch
-Turn Taylor from accountant to cowboy
-Have 4 kids and then refer to them as punks

….so I guess I can only dream. Ask Lindsay Hall about PW though…I think she got me hooked.

Fast forward about 5 months, Taylor and I live in fabEULESS, I am a marketer, and Taylor-Made (shout-out to Colbie Caillat for his nickname) is an accountant who works until 9 PM and comes home saying things like, “I didn’t use my mouse in excel all day…I only use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+WFOIEKC55894 which turns a cell blue with a hint of lime green.”

Marketing: that’s what I’m doing now. One thing I did not study in school was web design. Oddly enough, that is now a lot of what I’m doing at work. Let me clarify: I’m doing a lot more maintaining than creating, but I think I love it. It makes me want to make websites for any little venture, like my new book club. Speaking of, if you are interested…let me know. I’m very serious about this.

If you’ve never worked in an office before, you are shocked at how many weird/quirky/awkward things happen. I’ll try to keep you up to date, for your own good. That aside, I’ll tell you my favorite part of today.

Better yet, I’ll show you:

This was waiting for me at my desk today. Of all the account managers at my work, there is only one guy. He was nice enough to get all the account manager girls and the 2 marketing girls presents for Christmas. What’s even better than a Snuggie, you may ask?

A Cuddlee of course.

It’s a relatively new product, but they chose to display this “new phenomenon” by picturing a lady on the front talking on a phone from 1990.

It was a fantastic start to my Big Fun Friday.

While we’re sharing pictures, I don’t think this got as many accolades as I was hoping for on this next one. My family came for Thanksgiving – which was awesome – so my mom and I took this turkey to Taylor’s parents’ as an appetizer to our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Thus began a new tradition…

If you’re first reaction is jealousy that you did not get to see nor eat this treasure, I understand.

Maybe this turkey is the first step in becoming as cool as PW.

Speaking of PW, I’m going to attempt dinner now. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Last thing: do you read the Stuff Christians Like blog? You should.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow. So many great things to say about this post. Namely, PW (aka, but rarely referred to as Ree….and Ladd. Ree and Ladd). SCL and the ever so fabulous Jon Acuff. And Taylors shortcuts. Awesome. I can’t believe that you would make fun of me about bunco, but then instigate your own book club. Lame. Can I join?I need to be a part of as many gatherings as possible in the greater Dallas fort worth metroplex. -Lindsay


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