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Trends are forever coming and going. As I get older it will get better and better to see things come back in style that I used to wear. If I could determine these trends however, I have a top 5 list set in place. These are just my initial reactions so this list could change. Some items have been rumored to actually be coming back, some I am just hopeful. It would make me forever happy to see these things worn and used again:

1. Stirrup Pants

They’re comfy cozy and you never have to worry about your pants being afraid of your shoes (you know what I’m talking about – old men or pubescent teenage boys with too short of pants). The sexiest ever was the giant sweater over them. We saw this trend recently with spandex but it just isn’t complete without the stirrup bottom.

2. Tamagotchis

I loved my Tamagotchi so much. I literally took care of it like it was my firstborn child. I don’t know why it started or why it ended, but I want Tamagotchi’s to come back. They may be a little caveman-ish in technology for kids these days but whatever. They need to learn responsibility some way or another and I don’t know why it can’t be by taking care of a virtual pet.

3. Skorts

The best skorts (a mix between skirts and shorts if you don’t know – which everyone should) are the kind pictured here that simply have a flap over the front with the shorts in the back. I would venture to say that skorts originated by a Christian family. Kind of like Lord shorts (long athletic shorts instead of the sinful cheer “Sofe” shorts), the skort is a way to be modest yet cool in the summer air. People think you are wearing a summer skirt but – thank heavens – you have shorts underneath to preserve your decency while sitting. FYI – I am not referring to sports skorts. I am strictly speaking of fashion skorts.

4. Bubble shirts (a.k.a. “Popcorn” shirts)
These never actually caught on which is good if you actually like them – you can pick them up at most flea markets for pretty cheap. I just don’t know what the appeal was, but I wish there was one. Think about how much space you would have in your closet if all of your clothes stretched that much. You pull out what appears to be a shirt for an infant but voila! put it on and it turns into an entire adult outfit. Ugly? Heavens yes. Practical? Absolutely. Too bad it never caught on….maybe one day.

5. Body Glitter

I must place a disclaimer that there is a girl that runs around the Lunsford trail who still holds this trend dearly. She uses ample amounts of body glitter before working out. This trend was fantastic because you could have either the roll-on glitter or the dry powder. You could have lotion glitter, body wash glitter, glitter with shapes in it, multicolored…any kind your heart desired you could find (Claire’s had the best selection typically). It was such a great trend because it was soooo sexy at the time. You could definitely go overboard but for the most part the more appendages covered in glitter, the more likely you were to have a hott date.

Next post will be trends I hope to never see again. I know I missed about a billion – these are just ones I remember fondly and hope to see again. What do you miss?

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