Cato’s, Shar-pei, & Occupations

It all started at Cato’s. Mom and I were doing some serious shopping (because we were in Pocahontas, Arkansas) and we really needed to go to the bathroom. We walked across the street to Walmart to wait for Taylor and my dad. We started wasting time and ended up in the electronic section. Mom’s been looking for a tv so we were browsing when the boys finally came. Somehow over the course of 30 minutes, mom and dad walked away without a thing and Taylor and I ended up with a Sony Bravia HDTV. So much for conversations about what to do with our money – I’m blowin it all on awesome stuff. Just kidding. But really it was a fabulous deal so we accidentally purchased it. Buy the display tvs…they’re cheap and awesome.

We went to a family reunion this weekend in Heber Springs and it was super fun. Mom got us reservations at Lindsey’s Rainbow Resort which was fun and just as hilarious as it sounds. Supposedly mom saw a couch and living area in the picture but our particular cabin was missing that section. It was truly a trailer home with wood siding to resemble a cabin. It luckily enough included an airplane-sized bathroom and shower where we literally did not have enough room to touch our knees or wash our feet. The bathroom sink was conveniently located in the kitchen area right inside the front door so brushing your teeth became a game of skill – you must be ready at all times to dodge the front door from slamming into your back. We knew it was going to be a good time when water started pouring into mom and dad’s room while Taylor showered. It was really fun and the perfect, dummest little cabin trailer for us.

We went on the lake Saturday and decided to take our part Shar-pei dog who is absolutely petrified of water…dude can hold going to the bathroom for days if it is raining outside. That being said, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to take Mack with us on the pontoon boat. He of course wouldn’t walk on himself, so Taylor and I had to pull him all the way down the 1/4 mile of docks to get to the boat. Stepping foot on the marina, Mack was already scared and spread his paws out as far as they would go to keep his body as low to the dock as possible. You can probably see scratch marks the whole way if you go back to look. We ended up lifting our 70 pound idiot onto the boat for the day. He did fine but he wouldnt go within 2 feet of the gates or doors leading to water. Taking him back off at the end of the day was just as tricky but Mack outsmarted us. As soon as his feet hit the marina again he spread his paws out for balance. This time on the way back he would cautiously crawl to the long strips of docks that connect to the main marina and look all the way down to the end. When he realized dry land wasn’t there, he clumsily went to the next long section and looked down. He did that at all 12 or so of the boat docks looking for dry land. He thought for sure we were making him get back on the water so he figured he’d find his own way back. Once he saw land in the distance of where we were headed he gave up looking and started trotting like normal. Smart boy.

Tubing might be my new favorite activity… that I hate with all of my heart when it’s over. My body hurts really intensely.

In other news I got a job offer doing half marketing and half account management for a company in Dallas. I’m really excited about the opportunity and the job was kind of custom made for me and my skills. I made a deal with God that if the job was offered I needed to see that as an open door and take it. Here we go moving in a week and a half and starting life as real adults. I am not ready for this but I am blessed to be the 20ish% of May ’09 graduates that have jobs. Responsibilities here we come!

My dad has a really funny story about something he did recently. Maybe I’ll store that story for a slow time. If he won’t blog about it himself I consider it my responsibility.

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