Belkin, Holy, & Home

I’m going to go ahead and warn you that this is going to be a good one. Lots of things have happened recently and life is good.

To start, I bought a cover for my iPhone screen from Target. I was pretty stoked because I hate those nasty fingerprints that I leave all over the screen. When someone asks to use my phone, I hand it to them in a state that says “I just ate a bucket of KFC chicken and I smeared the grease all over my phone”. I put the cover on, worked out all the little bubbles, and voilĂ  – it still smears.

Jonathan Storment is a super good speaker. He spoke at RHCC today and talked about holiness among other things. He managed to say “snappy” to describe something, but other than that and other witty comments he had a great message. He said that if you think about holiness as inaction you are entirely missing the point. It’s not about what we don’t do or don’t say…it’s about the actions we do take. We can take a “we want to change the world” approach instead of “I’m better than you because I don’t watch House (shoutout to my encounter with super dad from a previous post)”. Man..I wish I could be holier instead of holier than thou, don’t you? His message hit home. I’m getting a little piece of humble pie each day and I love it. As Nedra says, “it takes bitter at first but goes down good in the end”. (or something like that…us Sparks are terrible at requoting)

Have you ever done something God’s way for real? It may be terrible at first but gives you such peace later. Next time you have a beef with someone, tell them directly instead of telling everyone but them. It goes completely against our nature but feels so much better later. You know that no matter what, you did it the right way and that is how we become holier. I think. If not, it works and makes you feel better at least.

We got an apartment today. WAHOO! we are very excited. The apartments are called the Mansions by the Vineyard which is an embarrasing and pretentious name but we like them and they are a super location. Come see us.

My contact broke in half this weekend. I wasn’t cool enough to pull a 4-eyed weekend (Lindsay Hall) but eventually I had to today. The one contact fell out and is now shriveled up somewhere in the carpet at church. I want to choose when I wear glasses and when I don’t have a choice I feel like I’m in 9th grade again with my tortoise shell rims while everyone else graduated to contacts. I’m lucky enough to have the option though so I’ll shut up.

I had a panic yesterday. I tried to call a realtor and I couldn’t hear one thing on my phone. I could put it on speakerphone and hear just fine or plug in my headphones and hear but no such luck on the phone speaker. I tried turning the volume up, going into the settings to look for something that got changed…nothing. I had to go to Costco today anyway to see if I could get a lone contact so we were going to swing by AT&T to have them fix my stupid volume. In the car on the way there, I started messing with the cool new screen protector I had. It then dawned on my that I didn’t have a volume problem until I put that thing on, covering my speaker. I started laughing really hard at what an idiot I was and how embarrasing that would have been when the AT&T people pointed that out. That would have been a story they would go home and tell their families at dinner. I would rather not be that customer. Way to go also, Belkin, for making a ridiculous product that not only shows KFC grease still but also prohibits any incoming or outgoing phone calls. EDIT: Taylor bought the iPod touch screen things, not iPhone. I’m still mad at Belkin for not labeling clearly and I left the last line to express that.

Lyrics of the week: God is great, beer is good, people are crazy. What does that even mean? There may be some serious wisdom in that.

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  1. Sarah Brooksparks

    I saw your tweet about having to wear glasses all weekend last weekend or whenever that was and I thought “ha that sucks” and then it happened to me. The difference is that you look cute in yours.


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