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I got to see Mari-Kate on Sunday for the first time in forever. She brought her boyfriend (who I didn’t really get to meet at the wedding seeing as a: she was deathly ill and b: I was getting married = preoccupied) who I decided I really like. I’m really happy for them…but more happy that I got to see her. We have the kind of relationship that is unexplainable. I strongly believe that MK and I were born half boy/half girl. We have a very boy-ish friendship where we say exactly what we think no matter how much it makes the other mad, we spend a few hours apart, and we’re good as new later. Most girls are not like this. Seeing her made me sad that I don’t have her in my life more, and that friendships like that are few and far between. I bawled on the way home from Pocahontas on Sunday because I was blubbering to Taylor how I didn’t know anyone there and how I didn’t have a job yet and how I just wanted to have really good friends like MK there. Think I’m a little stressed? Me too.

Funny story… we had a dad come today who was wearing a “John Hopkins Medical” shirt and I asked if he knew Dr. House. (You would understand this joke if you watch House – if not just stick with me) It got awkward for a second and then the dad said something along the lines of, “No. That show is banned from my home. When I watched it for the first time and saw how his personality was, it did not depict the Christian morals that I am establishing in my home. We do not watch that show in our house because it is trash.” Huh. Well, welcome to ACU! This day sure did get off on a great foot! Yikes…

Uncle Elwood’s funeral was so good. It was funny – exactly how I want my funeral to be. Almost all the siblings (all 9 remaining brothers and sisters) got up and told stories about funny things Elwood did. It was a good time. The best part was that we had 2 southern potlucks back to back. You seriously can’t beat a good C of C potluck.

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  1. Allison


    I saw your blog on facebook. I wish I could have been there to see your face. 🙂 You guys need to send me more of these, they make me laugh!

    Miss you,



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