DMV & Miley

Why does no one tell you the downside of marriage? Yea, living together can be tricky and arguing about money and other things is an issue but no on warns you about the worst part…

No one tells you about sitting in line for hours to get your name changed. I was pretty fond of Sparks. I had it for 21 years and I really grew to love it. Now here I sit with every important document of my life fighting for a seat at the stinky DMV. I wonder if the people that work here have any friends. They sure aren’t trying to make any durig the hours of 8-5. But, hey…at least I’ll be a bona fide Texan when this is all said and done.

Last night Taylor and I got to play with Stone and Reagan “Hannah Montana Ballerina Cinderella Miley Stewart” Ratliff. (imagine getting that name change legally) Stone is 2 and Reagan is 3ish..?. Reagan and I had a good time preparing for her concert later that night at ACU. Being Hannah Montana herself, we had a lot to do to prepare. They had eaten at Subway, so Reagan got some stationary with stickers in her meal. We decided that would be the best to write her fan letters on. We carefully signed each letter (by putting one sticker on each sheet) and then we went around the playground delivering each letter. Surprisingly, all of Hannah Montana’s fans live very close…one under the slide, one in the slide, one on the bridge. Apparently all her fans were asleep though so we had to be very quiet when we opened the door to put the letters in. Sometime over the course of our playing, she started calling me Miley and I called her Hannah. I felt pretty cool…here’s Hannah herself delivering a letter:

I think I like kids because I still daydream like I’m 4 so it really isn’t a stretch to find fans that live on a playground.

The best part of the night? Watching Taylor send Mack down the slide.

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